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Summary: The Lioness of Dragonmyr and Sister/Daughter of Lady De'Luc...

Lady Morganna De'Lyons

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Gender: Female

Age: 17

Group: Noble Family`s

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Her Mother and Herself

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Physical Appearance


Personality and Interests


Brief History

Widely recognized by the vast majority as the troublesome and tempermental younger sister of Lady Margarita De'Lyons.

The truth however is that Morganna is in fact her daughter who was born of a union between her Mother and as the Black Knight Vader.

Favourite Sayings

" Do you seek to test me ... "

" I have no interest in your words coward. Draw your sword or die where you stand ..."

" By Corruptus... "

Magic & Artifacts

Morganna has secretly aquired both a magical Sword and Armour as well as assorted other items of interest.

Character Notes

The Unrecognized daughter of the Black Knight Vader.

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Image of Lady Morganna De'Lyons
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