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Summary: Vile little green half-men


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Gender: Male/Female

Age: 5 to 10 years

Group: Monsters

Real World Name / Occupation




Race and Subgroup

Subhuman, Goblinoid

Physical Appearance

Goblins are in the majority small creature of pale to dark green complexion. Hairless in the majority Goblins are noted for their large mouths and sharp teeth.

Personality and Interests

Vile creatures of small stature and endless appetites. Goblins are a viewed as a blight upon the world.

Universally hated Goblins prefer to layer in nests of cluttered filth and decay often located as far underground as they can dig and well away from the light of day.

Calling a Goblin a Scavenger is perhaps is a kindness. Goblins have no love nor care for anything beyond themselves and leave only filth and ruin in their wake. Taking great pleasure in destroying or defacing anything of beauty.

Goblins cannot breed on their own and thus further the species by kidnapping and rape females of other humanoid and sub-humanoid races. Goblins are able to use a single breeding female to producing litters of 6 to 8 goblin pups roughly every 2 to 3 months until the host female kills themselves or die from countless other possible causes. ( The most common cause being the Goblins grow tired of tormenting her and simply eat her alive )

Brief History

None, Goblins keep no records nor even recognize one other as anything more than a rival for food or other resources. When not scavaging or fighting off other races. Goblins amuse themselves by finding new ways of torturing and killing one another.

Favourite Sayings

" Screech... "


" Evil Laughter... "

Magic & Artifacts

Individual Goblins have the unique almost unnatural ability to be all but ignored by other monster races and can operated freely within a given dungeon or layer. When gathered into groups however they tend to be quickly wiped out.

Character Notes

Goblins are a parasite race and their unfortunate female partners will always produce 'male' goblin pups. ( Female Goblins do exist but are more often than not created artificially rather than bred naturally.)

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Image of Goblin
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