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Summary: Easy to like - Hard to love


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Gender: Female

Age: 19

Group: Dead/Inactive/Retired

Real World Name / Occupation

Niko Martin

"I sell TVs at Best Buy"



Race and Subgroup

Human Asian Bard

Physical Appearance

Long black hair
Totally flat chested (she was looking for the option to adjust this when the 'update' happened)

Personality and Interests

Honest, talkative, smart assed

Brief History

Niko joined DDD to escape the notoriety and glory of her retail job. She's a wisecracking, ass kicking, tune playin' Bard. Unfortunately, when the 'update' happened, she was in the middle of adjust some of her appearance stats and was trapped in the game as an A-cup!

She soon joined a guild to try and find a way out of the game. It was decided that winning the game was only way out. And how do you win the game? Level up like no tomorrow. Unfortunately, a tip from another guild led them to bite off more than they could chew. Now everyone's dead and she's alone.

Favourite Sayings

"Let's sing a song!"

"So ya like tentacles, do ya?"

Magic & Artifacts

●Various Bardic Songs, including:
■Battlefield Inspiration - Provides various buffs to team mates
■Lullaby - In combat, causes enemies to become exhausted and loose the will to fight. Out of combat, causes allies and neutrals to shut the hell up and go to sleep.
■Gastritic Implosion - Causes mild stomach discomfort
●Cure wounds - Minor healing magic
●Words that Wound - If an attack is made, following a wise crack or a pun, Bard can substitute Charisma for Strength value.

●Enchanted Keytar
●+1 Arming Sword
●Breastplate of Niko - It's just an ordinarily breastplate, shaped to make her look moderately well endowed
●Amulet of +5 Charisma

Character Notes

Niko's hard not to like. But thanks to some of her proclivities, she might be hard to love.

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Image of Niko
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