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Summary: You know what they say, what's yours is MINE.


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Gender: Male

Age: 16

Group: Rogues & Scouts

Real World Name / Occupation

Alex Hardaway, an 18-year-old nobody working a "temporary" job as a McDonald's cashier.


To his bag of ill-gotten gains, and the voice in his head.

Race and Subgroup

Half-Goblin Arcane Trickster LV 43/100

16/50 Level Rogue
lv 5 - Stealth Proficiency (Novice)
lv 10 - Stealth Proficiency (Adept)
lv 15 - Stealth Proficiency
- 30% Detection Radius

5/5 Level Base Race (Goblinoid)
lv 5 - Exp Gain Rate Increase By 10% from all sources

5/5 Level Sub-Race (Half Goblin)
lv 5 - Keen Sense (Allows For Remote Detection of Hostiles via Smell)

17/20 Level Specialist (Arcane Trickster)
lv 5 - Magic Aptitude
(Easier learning of magical spells)
lv 10 - Magic Instinct
(Strengthens effectiveness of
learned spells)
lv 15 - Magic Constitution
(10% Resistance to hostile spells and magical effects)

Physical Appearance

- 4 feet and 11 inches
- Slim but athletic androgynous build
- Usually assumed to be female until proven otherwise
- Likes to wear partially see-through clothing

Personality and Interests

Eccentric, chaotic, impulsive and rash, overbearingly confident in his abilities but a coward versus superior foes, and at times straight up evil right to the point of villainy.

Alex is Pepper's voice of reason. Kind-hearted, rational and sincere, as well as eternally depressed, the Goblin's polar opposite.

The Pepperjack people see on the outside is actually an amalgam of the two, Pepper's fearlessness and quick, instinctive thinking as well as Alex's rational level-headedness, and a deep fear of solitude. One takes precedence over the other at times, leading to an almost bipolar character.

Brief History

Alex is entirely unremarkable, and everyone knows it, or no one, depending on your point of view. Pepper Jack was created as a confident and eccentric variant of Alex's "inner self", as it were. Being a goblin, a life of thievery seemed to manifest itself naturally.

Favourite Sayings



"Touch it and you die..."

"Oh, I could slit your throat from here!"

(Growl) or (Sniff-Sniff)


'We could spare these ones...'

'Haven't you had enough killing for today?'

Magic & Artifacts

Mage Hand - Spectral hand that can grab things in remote places.

Magic Missile - summons three darts of magical force which can be fired at any enemy with sight.

Feint Blitz - Makes a Deceptive dash forward, before suddenly zipping around the opponent and attacking from behind.

Magic Thief - Negates the damage of any one spell that targets him or includes him in it's radius, and allows the use of said spell once within the next 30 minutes. Only one ability can be "stolen" at a time.

Weapons of choice are a dagger and rapier combo.

Character Notes

Pepperjack is quite fond of Alex, the little voice in his head, and when something is suggested, however meekly, the Half-Goblin is more keen on listening than in any other circumstance. Pepper is classified as Chaotic Evil, however, Alex's influence makes him closer to Chaotic Neutral. He has flexible morals, and while not keen on making sexual acquaintances, is flexible in his sexuality as well. It is unknown whether Alex has any influence on this trait.

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Image of Pepperjack
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