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Summary: Guardian of the Well of Souls

The Librarian

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Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Group: Monsters

Real World Name / Occupation



Necrolon, The Library

Race and Subgroup

Undead, Humanoid

Personality and Interests

The Librarian is a polite though terrifying individual who spends the majority of his unlife cataloging and keeping the contents of the great library in order.

When not caring for the books in the Great Library he can be found reading them though his curse or blessing often keeps him from truly enjoying them.

Favourite Sayings

"This is a place of memories best forgotten..."

" Sadly, Your tale ends here my friend... "

" You go no further..."

Magic & Artifacts

The Book of Thorns

The Black Staff

Character Notes

The Librarian has a foundness for books and stories and spends a great deal of time reading one of the many books to be found in the great Library. His curse however is that he can remember nothing of what he has read. The memory of entire books lost him in the span of a day.

The only way around this curse it seems is to have others ( The Living ) read to him. Thus why as often as opportunity allows the Librarian spares adventurers lost in the maze.

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Image of The Librarian
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