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Summary: A young alchemist.


Gender: Female

Age: 20

Group: Wizards & Warlocks

Real World Name / Occupation

Wade Welles
Retail Clerk at a Best Buy


To her friends and allies.

Race and Subgroup

Half-human/half-orc alchemist.

Physical Appearance

Takes after her mother's orcish side, standing well over six-feet tall with long dark hair and green skin with a muscular build. The only hint of human in her is the significantly diminished orc teeth which give her a rather cute-yet-awkward smile.

Personality and Interests

Somewhat timid yet possessing an adventurous side. She found herself drawn to the arcane arts, particularly that of alchemy due to her father's own study of the craft. Her desire it to explore the world and learn more about alchemy.

Brief History

Born to a human father and orc mother, she grew up having to contend to her parents' conflicting approaches to life. Her father instilled in her an interest in the arcane while her mother taught her the skills to survive in the harsh world. While her father's inquisitive nature tended to confuse and frustrate her mother's more hands-on approach to problems, they loved one another and their daughter more than anything. This somehow managed to produce a somewhat level-headed individual in Lucinda.

She studied alchemy under her father before deciding to head out into the world in search of new discoveries. She soon ran into the bard, Zahn who seemed to take interest in the young alchemist and two have been adventuring ever since.

Favourite Sayings


Magic & Artifacts

Can create firebombs and flasks of acid to use against foes.

Is skilled at making rudimentary healing potions and poultices.

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Image of Lucinda
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