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Summary: Martag likes a good fight, gold, and swinging his sledgehammer.

Martag Porshang

Gender: Male

Age: 35

Group: Dead/Inactive/Retired

Real World Name / Occupation

Aaron Jones
A former and recent re-enlistee in the Army National Guard as an Intelligence analyst.
Also works as a software programmer when not on drill weekends. Is a combat vet as well.


To the highest bidder, otherwise his alignment is chaotic neutral.

Race and Subgroup

Half Orc: Some Half Orcs can make a name for themselves as bodyguards and mercenaries in Human society, however, they are relatively few and far between as they are mostly ostracized as abominations.
In Orc tribes the Half Orcs are ironically better accepted than one might initially think. This is because in Orc tribes, the strong rule the weak, and the more intelligent Half Orcs can use their cunning to make their way up to the rank of chieftain. This is more common in the Badlands where tribes of wild Human and Orcs often commingle.
Some Half Orcs are shunned from both societies, and instead turn to settlements of other races, such as humans and even, amusingly, Dwarves, who seem to be fairly accepting of the mixed breed that incorporates everything they respect in their two enemies with none of the pomp or savagery.

Does have Darvision description below.

"So you're an..."
"Half Orcs."
"Yeah... that. How did that..."
"Mom was adventurous, Dad was lucky."
"Ah. Can I...."
-Bob the Paladin talking with his companion Thrag the Half Orcs

Physical Appearance

Martag Porshang is a powerfully built warrior his intimidating deep red eyes seem to see in to your soul. His tuff light green skin covers his muscular body, battle scars are covered by the tattoos along his arms. This six foot three, 275 pound power house shows his athletic ability when he moves swiftly over the battle ground. His thick black and bristly body hair can be seen easily when close. When in the arena he can be seen wearing his Gladiator armor. his Protective metal belt around his waist has his Gladiator and his coat of arms on it. on his legs He wears Fasciae Metal and Leather bands on legs. His Galerus is on his right shoulder this piece of armor is ornate and well engraved with his symbols and reputation in the arena. Martags arms are covered with Manicae Left sleeve has leather and interlocking plates his right sleeve is made of chainmail. When necessary he wears his Myrrmillo a large metal helm and an ornate Cuirass metal chest plate. With his gauntlets with half inch spikes and his Maul in his hand is truly a frightening site.

Personality and Interests

Personality and Interests
Martag is Rough, untrusting, but has a soft side for those he is close too. He likes to kill, good bad, or neutral, causing pain and suffering to those he is contracted to take down this is fun to him. His greatest fear is losing it is a weakness to him he has been known to destroy the room he is in and injure others nearby on a loss. But in a win, He will feast with friends drink until dawn. He finds Ranged weapons, people who flaunt their intelligence, people who won't help themselves as week and unworthy of respect

Brief History

Aaron knows hand to hand combat, with 2 years of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training and boxing. Expert map reading and land navigation as well.

He has been playing Dungeons Deep and Dark for 7 years as Martag.

Martag is a battle hardened warrior, his upbringing was rough because his father was an Orc and his mother a high Elf priestess. Their statuses were are war, and both sides were responsible for the murder of his parents when he was 19.

Martag became a Gladiator:
Description: The gladiator is a showman-warrior from a society where public combat competitions are a popular sport. The gladiator is a professional warrior in this high-profile arena; for the delight (and bloodlust) of the crowds, for his own personal wealth and aggrandizement, he fights organized matches against human, demi human, and even monstrous opponents.

Special Hindrances: Gladiators tend to be recognized—as Gladiators, at least, if not by their own names—wherever they go. This makes it more difficult for them to do things in secret; some troublesome NPC is always remembering “the tall, fair-haired gladiator” who was at the scene of the action, which makes it very easy for the authorities to follow the heroes’ trail.

Favourite Sayings

"It's hammer time!"

"I'm gonna bust you up!"

"Thanks for the gold."

Magic & Artifacts

Tempestas: The Maul of Thunder, see below

Character Notes

Most people either call him Martag or by his nickname: "The Hammer".

Show name: The Dispatcher

He is a Mercenary for hire, former gladiator.

Belt: Protective metal belt at waist
Cuirass: metal chest plate
Fasciae: Leather bands on legs
Galea: Visored Helm
Galerus: Shoulder piece on weapon shoulder
Manicae: Left sleeve plate and right sleeve chainmail
Myrrmillo: Visored big metal helm
Tough skin

Tempestas: The Maul of thunder Magic weapon
You gain a bonus to attacks and damage with this magic weapon. Requires grate strength to willed. You have to be using both hands to use this weapon and gloves do help with the shock of the weapon striking someone or thing. While you are using this weapon and holding it, your Strength score increases greatly. When you hit on an attack made with this weapon against a giant, it doses grate amount of damage.
By seeking the hammer name, the hammer, you can make a ranged weapon attack or striking with the hammer, hurling it as if it had the thrown property with a normal range of 20 feet. If the attack hits, the hammer unleashes a thunderclap and knocks down the target or destroys objects like a heavy door this attack dose do more damage. The target and every creature within 10 feet of it must succeed resist or be stunned for a minute this also happened when you strike a target the effect is whin you hit make it sound like thunder you feel it sending the target back 10 feet or so up to you but not much farther than that. cruching what it hits it like being hit by a truck. you get the idea small monster you would kill out right gint brake bones and cause internal damage but not kill right a way.

Weighted gloves with 1/2 inch spikes

Hand to hand combat (primarily boxing styles and brawling)
Brute strength
Surprising agility for his size
Tactics: understanding of enemy tactics and weapons, easily finding weak points.
Darkvision: can see 60 feet in dim light as if it were bright and in complete darkness as if it were dim.
Relentless Endurance

Susceptible to mental powers
High powered range weapons
Agile opponents with equal or greater skill

Can be romantic
Map reading
Awareness of surroundings (withitness)

Half Orc: 10/10
Fighter: 30/50
Gladiator: 20/20
Showmenship 5/20

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