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Summary: Snark mage

Nathaniel Of Many Shades

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Group: Wizards & Warlocks

Real World Name / Occupation

Nathan O'Neill


To the party.

Race and Subgroup

Human mage.

Physical Appearance

Tall, with medium length dark hair and beard, adorned in elaborate robes with some minor armor sewn into it.

Personality and Interests

A snarky yet very capable wizard.

Brief History

Nathan was born in Michigan and had a typical upbringing. He loved computer games and desired to make his own one day, studying computer science in college. Sadly, his dreams never became realized as he got a dead end IT job at some big company.

Favourite Sayings

"Don't make me turn you into a newt!"

Magic & Artifacts

A mage's staff he's altered to function and appear as a club with arcane runes eteched into it. This is mostly so he can whack people and not entirely stand out as a mage.

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Image of Nathaniel Of Many Shades
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