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Summary: He is a jester at heart and plays the game as a Monk-Mage to escape reality

1000 Miles Drunk aka Miles

Owned by:

Gender: Male

Age: Looks 21 but over 30

Group: Wizards & Warlocks

Real World Name / Occupation

Jack Gomez: Former martial art champion/college student
Miles: Mage/Holy Monk: Neutral


Solo Player

Harem: Slave girls purchased from a brothel
Tuka: Winged Elf - Gardner, Cleaning, Healing Magic, Flight
Lelei: Cat girl - Cooking, Cleaning, Acrobat
Meia: Wolf girl - Negotiating, Cleaning, Tracking
Delilah: Bunny girl - Animal Care, Cleaning, Acrobat
Yao Ro Dushi: Dark Elf - Gardner, Daily Life Magic, Cleaning
Rory: Dwarf - Maintenance, Cleaning, Cooking
Lilith: Human - Cook, Cleaning, Healing Magic
Papi: Avian Girl - Cleaning, Flight
Leaf: Wood Elf - Plant Magic
Ember: 2 Tailed Fox Girl - Magic, Tracking, Herbalist
Coco: Bear Girl - Tracking, Fisherwoman
Roxy: Bovine Girl - Farmer, Dairy Expert
Minty: Half Green Dragon Newt Half Human - Shy
Tilly: Centaur - Farmer

Race and Subgroup

Half Human-Half Copper Dragon: When a dragon in polymorphed form mates with another creature, the union sometimes produces half-dragon offspring. A creature might also transform into a half-dragon as a result of a mad wizard's spell or a ritual bath in dragon's blood. In all these cases, the result is a creature that combines the essence of a dragon with the form of its original race. Regardless of their origins, all half-dragons have similar features and appearance, gaining special senses, resistance to destructive energy, and a breath weapon.

New Subrace: The half copper dragon-half human is a subrace.
Bronze Dragon's Wrath: is effectively a more potentially damaging Acid Burst

Copper Dragon's Trickery: Sends forth a shockwave from their hands to knock the target over, or cause the ground to shift underneath a target.

Blade of Io is a mess. With this spell, a 2nd-level monk could conceivably wield a quarterstaff two-handedly, wrap a piece of cloth around his fists (handwraps are sometimes accepted as a substitute "weapon" for monks in order to get things like +1 benefits), and hit things for 3d8 damage (or 1d8 + 2d12), instead of the usual 1d8 + 2d4. Something like that would heavily favor existing Strength Monk builds, who wear plate and become tanky as hell.

Shield of Bahamut is very interesting. It is cool and flavorful, and would probably do a great job of making a player feel like their character really has Bahamut's protection. I like it.

3rd Level - Draconic Resilience
* Gain resistance to < dragon type damage >
* As a bonus action, spend 2 ki points to grow scales and gain +2 AC for one hour
* You can dismiss the scales prematurely with a bonus action on your turn

6th Level - Draconic Claws
* As a bonus action, you are able to manifest dragon claws on your hands/feet that enhance your unarmed strikes. Unarmed strikes can now deal slashing damage, instead of bludgeoning damage. The martial arts dice increases by 1 size for unarmed strikes (1d4 > 1d6, 1d6 > 1d8, 1d8 > 1d0, 1d10 > 1d12)
* Once per round, you can expend 2 ki points to add 1d6 < dragon type damage > with your unarmed strikes.
* The claws remain until you dismiss them with a bonus action on your turn.

Copper Dragon: Whenever you attack with your unarmed strike or a monk weapon, you may choose to inflict acid damage instead of the damage type the attack would normally inflict. Additionally, you may cast Fog Cloud as a bonus action for 2 ki points.

Copper Dragon: You gain resistance to acid damage. Additionally, you may spend a ki point as a bonus action to quadruple your speed for one round. While this effect is active, attacks of opportunity against you are made at a disadvantage. You may only use this ability once per short or long rest.

Copper Dragon: As an action you may spend 4 ki points to cast Disintegrate with a range of touch. This effect can apply to both living creatures as well as inanimate objects, just like the spell

Physical Appearance

Miles looks like a slightly shabby mage in a cheap level 1 raggedy robe. He looks human in just about every way. His café free attitude is connected by his lack of concern for his fashion sense.

Personality and Interests

As a half-copper dragon Miles is impish and playful. He is a jester at heart and plays the game to escape reality. He lives for the moment and loves to be a solo player. He loves to drink and hit on bar wenches with a care in the world. He will help others, but won't get to close emotionally. He doesn't talk about his past and is more that happy to live his remaining days in this world.

Traditionally Half-dragons inherit personality traits common to their draconic heritage, so that half-gold dragons are often shy and secretive, while half-copper dragons are impish and playful. Half-green dragons are deceitful, while half-white dragons are often dim-witted brutes. These traits are tempered by a half-dragon's other lineage, but greed, arrogance, and paranoia are qualities that even good-aligned half-dragons often possess.

Brief History

Jack Gomez aka the "Little Dragon" was a world champion in martial arts when he was younger and had many fans, job offers and a very bright future. He had several female friends, a good family and enough money to set him up for a good while. That was until he was in a deadly plane accident that left him covered in 3rd degree burns and a spinal injury that left him crippled for life. At that point he fell into a depression and pushed everyone away. Since he was stuck in a hospital bed he needed an escape from reality so he got online to a VR game and eventually ended up in the new world. Unlike others he is all to happy to be able to walk again and fight once more. His biggest fear is to go back to his sad pathetic life.

Favourite Sayings

Its just a flesh wound....
I got better.
Ever dance with the devil in the pale moon light?

Magic & Artifacts

Mage Abilities/Skills: Cantrips (0 level) thu 9th level in Cantrips, Abjuration, Evocation, Illusion, Conjuration, Transmutation & Divination.

Clerical spells: Cantrips (0 level) thu 9th level

Dragon Abilities/Skills:
1/4 Dragon form:
Appearance: His skin now copper tan look. His dragon eyes look of his type. His hands and feet enlarged and with black claws. Horns coming out of his head.
Dragon Eyes: Everything looks different through his dragon eyes. You see the status bars for what they truly are (true sight).
Magic/Stats: Most of his abilities boosted. Your strongest is elemental magic. So, casting lighting or fire as you strike with your hands and feet is no problem, but it does use your magic strength to do so. His skin becomes like armor getting stronger over time as well.
Spell Points Useable: 60 spell points. 80 in dragon form. Can cast 60 first level spells, 30 second level spells, 20 third level spells ect. It cost 10 points to transform it last 5 min for now.

Frightful Presence: Each creature of your choice that is within 50 feet now 100 at half then 120 feet at full dragon. They must be aware of you must succeed in resisting the fear or become Frightened for 1 minute and try to run away. A person can try to resist every minute, ending the Effect after time. The person is immune to the dragon's Frightful Presence for the next 24 hours.
Dragon Breath: His Acid Breath or cloud can be used without losing experience now but only can be used twice a day now.

Darkvision. Your draconic ancestry has granted you superior vision in dark and dim conditions. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can't discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.

Draconic Ancestry: Copper Dragon has Fire Breath and a line of Acid.

Spider Climb (Ex): A copper dragon can climb on stone surfaces as though using the spider climb spell.

Spell-Like Abilities: 2/day—stone shape (adult or older); 1/day—transmute rock to mud or mud to rock (old or older), wall of stone (ancient or older), move earth (great wyrm).

Skills: Bluff, Hide, and Jump are considered class skills for copper dragons.

Pouch of Holding: Hold a large amount of space to store items.

Shi Yu Scarf: At first it appears to be a tattered red scarf. Once attuned, any tears or blemishes it has disappears. Activating the scarf requires an action. In order to be able to activate it again, you must complete a long rest. When activating the scarf, you must roll 1d8. You may dismiss any effect as an action. The effects are as follows. Upon rolling a 1 or 2, the scarf becomes Shu Yin. The scarf transforms into a beautiful scimitar of speed that deals 1d12 bonus poison damage. Additionally, you gain the haste spell active for 1 minute. Upon rolling a 3 or 4, the scarf becomes Blue Crystal. The scarf transforms into a coil of blue energy around the user's neck. Additionally, a flurry of 3d6 birds flies around you. You may copy the natural abilities of any creature that has died in the last 24 hours; your size does not change. If the creature has different eyesight or movement than you, you have those instead. You also gain the natural armor, natural attack, and any other special abilities (Beholder's eye rays or a Dragon's Breath) the creature possessed. Upon rolling a 5 or 6, the scarf becomes A Thousand Graves. The scarf transforms into yellow energy. All beasts, dragons, elementals, fey, or undead that you choose gain the haste spell effect. Their natural attacks increase by 1 die size (1d6->1d8->1d10->1d12, etc.), gain 10 temporary HP, and may attack with their bonus action. Upon rolling a 7 or 8, the scarf becomes Ming Wang Xing. Once activated, the scarf goes into the user's right eyes, turning it purple.

Scarf of Uncertain Times: Worn about the neck and shoulders this scarf can be wrapped to provide protection from potential hazards. As action you can wrap the scarf so that it covers your nose and mouth. While worn in this fashion the scarf provides immunity to poisons, gasses, diseases, and environmental hazards that must be inhaled to cause harm. While the scarf covers your mouth, your voice is inaudible to creatures beyond 5ft of you, and you cannot eat or drink. You can also wrap the scarf around your head to form a cowl or hold. While the scarf is worn in this way you can use your action to conjure an invisible repulsive barrier. The barrier lasts for 1 hour, or until you dismiss it or fall unconscious. While active, no medium sized or smaller creature can approach within 5ft of you. If a creature is within 5ft of you when you conjure this barrier, they are immediately pushed 5ft away from you. Once active the barrier can be interacted with as if it were an extension of your physical form. For example, you may still need to make contested checks in order move a creature blocking your path or to avoid being knocked prone. Once you use this feature, it can’t be used again for 7 days.

Scarf of Knowledge: Wondrous item, artifact (requires attunement by a creature of non-evil alignment) Inscribed in invisible runes on these scarves are the words, "The Right To Learn," which always appears in the written language the viewer is most familiar with. Any sentient viewer can understand this phrase even if they don't know any written language, the thought of it appearing in their mind when they observe it. As long as this scarf is attuned, the wearer becomes able to comprehend any language it hears, hearing it as if it was their natural language. Additionally, when they read any language, a glowing blue illusory overlay appears over the words (But only visible to the user), showing it translated to their written language as cleanly as possible. After 7 days, they begin to absorb the languages they've contacted at an advanced rate. Any languages they come into contact with from the moment they attune to the item they learn over the course of a month, having a perfect recall of the language as well as the languages they already know, including words and phrasing that they haven't seen or heard from the same languages. As long as the wearer is attuned to the item, they cannot be affected by a feeblemind spell, and cannot be affected by illusions or charms unless they choose to be. Additionally, their fall speed is reduced to 60 feet, and they take no fall damage, gently gliding down even slower when within 5 feet of the ground (Not affecting movement speed mechanics). Whenever they are gliding, the invisible runes begin to brightly and visibly glow blue and white. Additionally, the wearer can use an action to communicate with others within 10 feet of themselves even if communication is otherwise impossible, and when doing this they release a pulse of bright white light sourced from the scarf that momentarily expands as a sphere out to the area, giving them 6 seconds to communicate telepathically (Typically only affecting role-play or dialogue to NPCs). The wearer can use an action to perform anything that a Mage Hand spell can do, which also causes this same light, and can only be done within it's 10 foot range. This doesn't make a spectral hand appear, the action chosen simply happens. When either effect is used, the light reveals anything that is invisible with a bright white outline that lasts a minute, nullifying spells and effects that make the target invisible or on the Ethereal Plane and allowing the wearer to see (Even if blinded or some other mundane or magical hindrance exists, except solid walls and objects) for that moment while the light exists. Finally, every 7 days you are attuned to this item, your Intelligence score raises by 1, up to a maximum of 15. It has no effect on you if your Intelligence score is already higher than 15.

Character Notes

Jack's real life situation is a big secret and he will not talk about it.
Half Copper Dragonfolk-Half Human
Class & Level Breakdown
* Player Maximum Level 100
Spellcaster 40/50
Half-Dragon (Copper) 10/10
Monk 30/40
Spell points 60
Titles: Dragon Slayer, Giant Killer, Master Mage, Grand Master Mage & Hero of Thermador

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