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Summary: We've ventured down this path before, haven't we?


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Gender: Male

Age: 8 years since creation

Group: Knights & Warriors

Real World Name / Occupation

LaMarcus Jones

VFX Artist and Minor Character Designer

Responsible for creating some of the lighting effects and designing a few unessential characters in the game. Had a hand in designing some of the armor models as well.


To those he cares about.
Not very religious, he reveres no god.

Race and Subgroup

Warforged Envoy Samurai LV 34/100

10/50 Level Swordsman
lv 5 - Sword Proficiency (Novice)
lv 10 - Sword Proficiency (Adept)

5/5 Level Base Race (Warforged)
lv 5 - Exp Gain Rate Increase By 10% from all sources

5/5 Level Sub-Race (Envoy)
lv 5 - Customization Bonus
(Slots for bodily customization increases)

13/20 Level Specialist (Samurai)
lv 5 - Honor (Increased damage to scoundrels, thieves, and vagrants)
lv 10 - Discipline (Reduced damage from sudden and/or self-inflicted attacks)
lv 13 - Issen (An attack faster than a flash, just like in the movies) Base Dmg + 200% Damage

1/1 stPfcVal{error:unknown?*error
-lv 1 Battle Reflexes

Physical Appearance

Standing at 6 feet exactly, Invicta has the mainly wooden and metal body expected of a Warforged, however, he sports a rather sleek and streamlined design, most of which is covered by the rags that hang about him. He also bears a unique faceplate which is fashioned as a closed, featureless metallic surface. It is implied that there is more to his body than he knows.

Personality and Interests

Invicta, due to the update, has suffered greatly from the ramifications of being made out of metal. He has some character, but most of it is often watered down by a cold disregard for the lives of others who have not made some significant impression on him as well as himself, years of honed killer instinct, and now, a strange feeling. A remembrance of death, yet not quite. The only thing that seems that still stimulates his senses is the act of combat, the only time he truly feels alive. This that is likely the reason he has such an addiction to it., and if it does not seriously conflict with his alignment, is willing to both fight and kill just about anyone.

Invicta's alignment is Chaotic Neutral.

Brief History

Invicta was created for the specific role of serving as a sort of bodyguard to a very high-class family. He was created as a sort of "blank-slate" because he was only seen as a tool and as less than a person. He was a person though and ended up developing a close relationship with the youngest heiress, a 10-year-old girl who happened to be of rather frail constitution and always seemed in need of protecting. Invicta was more than happy to oblige though and watched the girl fervently. Some 7 years later, during an unfortunate raid in which many of the inhabitants of the family manor were slain by an invading rival family, the girl, now 17, used magic to wipe the Warforged's memories and send him away on a journey from which he would never return.

LaMarcus was born into a low-class family and seemed to have a bleak future. However, he turned out to be naturally talented in art and academics. He got into a good university, majored in computer science and taught himself about visual art, and was eventually hired by a video game development company called 'Giant Games', the company that would go on to publish the hit VR game, Dungeons Deep and Dark.

Favourite Sayings




Magic & Artifacts

Possesses "Youth's Locket", which contains a portrait of a girl he no longer recognizes. Wearing it gives him additional hitpoints.

Battle reflex - A passive ability that protects its user from surprise attacks by slowing down their perception of time, effectively putting them into a 'focus' mode and allowing them time to determine an escape route or maneuver out of the way.

'Mere' Mount - Possesses the unique 'Mere' mount, a steed comprised of dark and ancient magic, bound unconditionally to her master's side, even through death. Upon being felled in battle, Mere will regenerate from a black pool at Festus' Rest, and once recovered will return to her master's side at full strength. While she is still alive, she can be summoned anywhere the user can see with the 'Summon Mere' spell.

Blade of Heroes - A near ancient blade endowed with an ethereal magic that strengthens its user against dark or evil forces and entities. While the propertied of the blade will always remain the same, the shape and appearance of the blade changes depending on it's wielder. Invicta's sword looks like a katana with black wrapping around the hilt. The blade appears normal but when light catches it, it glints with an ethereal blue light.

Hero's Guard - Whenever the Blade of Heroes is used to slay an enemy of evil or dark alignment, the user is surrounded in armor made of magical light which will completely negate the damage of the first thing to hit it before dissipating.

Light's Embrace - The user of the Blade of Heroes is significantly more resistant to light or holy magic.

Character Notes

Battle Reflexes do not guarantee the user takes no damage.

Less Than Human- Public opinion is that Warforged, merciless warriors from a past war, are emotionless husks and less than human. There are some stragglers who believe in treating all races equally, but for the most part, Warforged are usually met with slight disdain, wariness, and suspicion, if not full-on condescension.

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Image of Invicta
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