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Summary: Live by the Flame, or not at all.


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Gender: Male

Age: 20

Group: Knights & Warriors

Real World Name / Occupation

Barnaby Brines



Those he respects.

Race and Subgroup

Orc, Dragon Orc (Tor)

Physical Appearance

Tall and fierce, his appearance says it all. Horns sells the look of a warrior in adventurers clothing, sporting a leather jacket, pants, and boots, and not an inch of armor. This is because Horns values speed over protection, and he uses that speed well.

Personality and Interests

Horns is a hot-blooded warrior who thankfully, is often compelled to do good, that is, when his rage doesn't betray him. He usually has a handle on his anger, but his barbarian-like fighting style calls for him to be on the edge of focused and blinding rage when in the midst of combat. Both are a terror to behold, but at his fullest, Horns is nothing short of a monster.

Brief History

Horns is the product of a Tor raid which resulted in, shall we say, forced insemination. This led to a horned boy being born, deemed a monster to all but his sympathetic human mother, who, rather than burn him at the stake like her fellow townsfolk suggested, raised in secret until he was old enough to walk and then abandoned him in the wild so that he might have a fighting chance. And fight he did, he did it for so long that he became rather good at it, and slowly but surely, he would reintegrate into human society, staking his claim as a ruthless warrior, a force of nature who's wrath was released on all those wicked.

Favourite Sayings

"My blood's boiling!"

"By the Flame!"


"You deserve to die like a dog."

Magic & Artifacts

Tor have the unique ability to breathe fire at will, hence the nickname "Dragon Orc".

Tor also possess tough skin that grants them resistances to the elements as well as most magics.

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Image of Horns
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