Image of Torricsimir, Great Herald of the Flame

Summary: In the end, there is only Flame.

Torricsimir, Great Herald of the Flame

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Gender: Male

Age: Millennia

Group: Otherworldly

Real World Name / Occupation

Governing System AI
~ Natural Destruction System
~ Fire-Related Natural Disasters (Meteors, Volcanoes)


Strength, Loyalty, and Fiery Rage

Race and Subgroup

Dragon God

Physical Appearance

Torricsimir appears to be a great black dragon whose blood seems to flow as hot as magma.

Personality and Interests

Torricsimir greatly rewards those who stay true to his vision with power inspired by his being. The Great Herald values fearlessness, strength, loyalty, and power through rage. His fires are seen to be a natural thing that burn away at the foes of his followers. Torricsimir is indiscriminate, like the grim reaper, and would set fire to any individual of who opposes him and his people. He demands the same of those who call him lord. Though being frowned upon for his one minded-ness, Torricsimir cares not for the qualms of other gods. Not even the dwindling number of followers seems to bother him much.

Brief History

It is unknown how Torricsimir came to being, however he was said to have promised a tribe of orcs power in in return for their fealty to him, and they accepted. They were bestowed the blood of a dragon, and were transformed into beasts of great strength, orc-like beings with ashen skin, horns, and a belly of brimstone and fire. The dragon soon rose to a state of godhood due to his reverence. Over time, the numbers of the Tor, followers of Torricsimir have dwindled, but those who remain are stronger than ever.

Favourite Sayings

"By the Flame."

"Let the Fires take you."

"Your strength will be rewarded."

Magic & Artifacts

Breaths a fire that burns as hot as the sun.

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