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Summary: There was nothing left to kill in the afterlife


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Gender: Male

Age: Ancient

Group: Pets and Companions

Real World Name / Occupation




Race and Subgroup

Giant Tiger (Undead)

Physical Appearance

In life, Battle-Cat was covered in luxurious dark green fur and wore bright red armor that covered his entire length with a built in saddle. In undeath, he is more bones than flesh with a few scraps of dark fur still clinging on here and there. His armor has taken on a more crimson, almost blood color. His eyes are a dim but piercing yellow. He stands as tall as most horses and could easily rip one in half.

Personality and Interests

Battle-Cat is a highly intelligent creature, capable of making tactical decisions in the heat of battle. Still, he is an animal with predatory instincts and undeath has done little to curb his often feral demeanor. Without Vader's steady hand, he may attack without provocation. On a no-less-violent note, he is also a notorious horn-dog and will often attempt to woo even the most remotely feline of creatures, usually to the distress of that creature.

Brief History

Loyal to the very end, when his master's own countrymen turned on him Battle-Cat defended him fiercely. He was eventually put down at the end of pikes and arrows as none could approach him and live. After death, he went on to kitty heaven where he proceeded to kill several kitty angels before being sent down to the hell where people are skinned alive. So, when the call came for him to return to the mortal realm, he jumped at the chance.

Favourite Sayings

“One more crack and you’re walking!”

Magic & Artifacts

■ Battle armor- Increases AC
■ Battle claws- Razor sharp steel claws grant additional slashing damage and 50% chance to cause bleeding

■ Beastly Endurance- capable of absorbing immense amounts damage
■ Beastly Countenance- Radiates fear within a ten foot radius
■ Battle Charge- Crushes and maims anything in his path
■ Perfect night vision
■ Can talk

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Image of Battle-Cat
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