This page is for important game rules and additional information that's too long for the game description on the homepage.

Posted by : on Jan 8, 2020, 2:48pm

Currently the fellowship of adventurers is just gathering together within the game setting. Over all here is what the group collectively knows so far ...

Start Date -
01 Jan 2032

The Game -
Dungeons Deep and Dark
4.2 Update & Expansion (Domino)

The Company -
Reynholm Industries.
Giant Games Entertainment Subdiv

The Party -

Glenn Greystone - Aasimar Inquisitor
PC Active - Unknown
~ IT Network Security Administrator

Kara - Warrior (Barbarian)
PC Active - Unknown
~ IT Software Engineer

Cyndel Blackfar - Dark Elf Wizardress
PC Active - 2 to 3 years
~ Tech Support (Part Time)

Artimis - Changeling Rogue
PC Active - 1 to 2 years
~ IT Helpdesk

Vader - Dread Knight, Undead
PC Active - ** 10 years
~ Former In game NPC

Rebecca Stormbow - Archer,
~ Unknown

** Dungeons Deep and Dark is only 10 years old.

Character Classes we can take any class if written up well. The normal races are any Elf, Half Elf, Dwarf, Human, Gnome, hobbit, Rakshasa and wolffoke so far. If you wish to have an animal as your companion that fine to, we are not trying to be jerks. If you need an Idea of are world try watching Sword Art Online or Overlord anime that will give you an idea.
Also if in your history you worked for any of the company's you have a platinum key you do not know what it is for.


1: Never under any circumstances make a major change to another character (maiming, killing, revealed heritage etc) without discussing it with the owner.
~Note: Do whatever the hell you like with NPCs as long as you don't screw with their backstory. Also note I will retcon any inexcusable break of character with NPCs, so don't make an acrophobe go cliff diving please.

2: BE POLITE. Do not insult, ignore, or be rude to other members. They are people too. I'll probably kick you off the game if you cuss out another member.
~Note: Again, do whatever the hell you like with the characters. They're characters, they can be rude.

3: Please do not try to retcon or change my established specifications for realm or gods or what have you without sufficient Permissions form Monitors. If there's some bit of myth you yourself found or made up that's different and I'll probably add to it but as a as a whole but please don't create discrepancies like a silver-immune werewolf.

4: Do not inexplicably force other people's characters to act in specific ways. It's an annoying character break and the owner probably will not be happy. If you want all the other characters to fall in love with your harpy, please discuss it with the other members first.
~Note: This actually excusable if the character everyone falls in love with is a siren or Aphrodite or some other such seductive creature. If it's just some regular Jane Shmuck with pigtails, braces and freckles, we're probably all going to hate you.

5: No godmodding. You all know this-don't do it.

6: I know this is a list of rather long rules, but please have fun. Enjoy the game and have fun.