This page is for important game rules and additional information that's too long for the game description on the homepage.

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Currently the fellowship of adventurers is just gathering together within the game setting. Over all here is what the group collectively knows so far ...

With the control of Stone city returned to the Free People the Northern Alliance of Lords was formed in a few days stabilizing the northern territory or lands. They believe in the pace and laws they had before the Awakening and now some new ones. With the return of the Inquisitors offices the lawlessness that was everywhere was now being governed. With the Awakening after the last update. Many of the High Lords had plans of their own and the counsel of lords was abolished. the High Lords know they cannot make it on their own, so they did get together to form groups. So out of the Awakening Four main groups emerged Northern Alliance of Lords, Southern Coalition of Lords, Provinces of Old Ferron and Old Eberron and the Adventures Guild was Each with their set of laws and way of life.
The Adventures Guild is a group of players that work with the High Lords represent the interest and help work with the free people to salve problems between the too.

Start Date -
01 Jan 2032

The Game -
Dungeons Deep and Dark
4.2 Update & Expansion (Domino)

The Company -
Reynholm Industries.
Giant Games Entertainment Subdiv

somethings to note

It’s a new reality after the awakening being trapped in this game.

Ratio is 200 NPCs to one adventurer

1 week in real world is 100 years in game time.

I.C.E.S (Intelligent, Cybersensing, Existence, System) makes things like real

Flux Soul Interpreter (FSI)

Currency is Copper, Silver, Gold, Platinum

Copper = 1 Will buy half a loaf of bread, a piece of chalk, or a torch. Sometimes found in large quantities in dungeons, where they a nuisance for adventurers to carry out due to their low value per weight. some mint copper piece worth as much as one-fiftieth of a gold piece

Silver = 10 Copper Silver is commonly used coin worth one-tenth of a gold piece. A peasant’s room at an Inn, 5sp for an average room, a Modest meal, a lamp, or a day's labor.

Gold = 10 silver the "gold standard", both literally and figuratively, although still too valuable for peasants to handle on an everyday basis. One gold piece will buy a short spear or twenty arrows. Wealthy or Knights room for 2gp, Aristocratic or lords’ room 5 GP in an Inn.

Platinum = 10 Gold A coin worth ten gold pieces. Though rarely used in trade, ancient platinum coins are found in dragon's hoards. A single platinum piece will buy one cow or a steel short sword. In some areas, owing perhaps to rarity or size, platinum coins are minted with a value of 100 gold pieces. In some areas, platinum is worth only 10 times that of gold.

~ Stonegate Township is named for one of the 15 Gated City's that allow entrance into the Deep and Dark it is through these Gates that Adventurers gain access to the Deep & Dark. These Gates are named as follows ...

Northern Alliance of Lords
North Gate City
Stone Gate City
Iron Gate City
North Mountain Gate City
Black Gate City
North Refuge Gate City
Black Oak Gate City
Adventures Guild

Southern Coalition of Lords
Broken Gate City
South Gate City
East Gate City
Dark Gate City
Last Gated City
West Gate City

Old Ferron Gate City
Old Eberron Gate City
Adventures Guild

The Guildhall
~ Each Gate has a township built to guard it and each township has a Guildhall built at its center.

The Guildhall serves multiple purposes be it as a sanctuary or rally point for the townships adventurers. A treasure trove of resources for young and unskilled adventurers as well as the seasoned and experienced.

The population of the land is approximately 16,000,000 with around 1,000,000 per gate city area. Adventures or players are spread out through out the land most are by Gate City’s. North Gate has almost 7000 players and Stone Gate have 8000 players the rest are about 5000 per City. So. if the NPCs wanted to cause a war with Adventures or players they could win. Players would be outnumbered 200 NPCs to 1 player.

** Dungeons Deep and Dark is only 10 years old.

Character Classes we can take any class if written up well. The normal races are any Elf, Half Elf, Dwarf, Human, Gnome, hobbit, Rakshasa, Dragon born and wolffoke so far. If you wish to have an animal as your companion that fine to, we are not trying to be jerks. If you need an Idea of are world try watching Sword Art Online or Overlord anime that will give you an idea.

Also if in your history you worked for any of the company's you have a platinum key you do not know what it is for.

In this world he is the highest position is a High Lord or Lady and there is only one at each Gate City. Inquisitors do not answer to the high lords but listen to them they do fall under Northern Alliance of Lords. The Northern Alliance of Lords is made up of one lord from each Gated Cities and the High Lord Inquisitor. so, the High Lords are like the executive branch of government. Inquisitors and their Paladins and knights are the judicial branch. there are 7 Gate Cites that makes Legislative Branch. so that’s their main politics run, now there are kings and queens, but they are raced based but treat the High Lords or Lady’s as if they are kings and queens do to the power they willed. Note players or adventures cannot become High Lords. But can get the rank of Lords. The highest rank is Lord Inquisitor player my attain and only by people that worked for the company.

Rank structure is as fallows for players Adventure, Knight, Baron or Baroness, Duke or Duchess, Lord or Lady for noble titles, now there a lot of names for class and level a 50th Level mage could he High wizard Lord of mist. It could be Fred Stone Duke High Mage of Mist ect. There is one note Player or Adventure most all but the high-level nobility with treat them as the rank of knight for the most part. Reynholm Industries company titles give to employee’s so they can be recognized and had admin rights in the game are Trouble Shooter (Rouges), Captain (All Fighter classes), Inquisitor (Clerics and Paladins), Arcane (Wizard most magic users), Guardian, Storm’s End, The Light of Dawn (Druids) in gold lettering in their status bar.


1: Never under any circumstances make a major change to another character (maiming, killing, revealed heritage etc) without discussing it with the owner.
~Note: Do whatever the hell you like with NPCs as long as you don't screw with their backstory. Also note I will retcon any inexcusable break of character with NPCs, so don't make an acrophobe go cliff diving please.

2: BE POLITE. Do not insult, ignore, or be rude to other members. They are people too. I'll probably kick you off the game if you cuss out another member.
~Note: Again, do whatever the hell you like with the characters. They're characters, they can be rude.

3: Please do not try to retcon or change my established specifications for realm or gods or what have you without sufficient Permissions form Monitors. If there's some bit of myth you yourself found or made up that's different and I'll probably add to it but as a as a whole but please don't create discrepancies like a silver-immune werewolf.

4: Do not inexplicably force other people's characters to act in specific ways. It's an annoying character break and the owner probably will not be happy. If you want all the other characters to fall in love with your harpy, please discuss it with the other members first.
~Note: This actually excusable if the character everyone falls in love with is a siren or Aphrodite or some other such seductive creature. If it's just some regular Jane Shmuck with pigtails, braces and freckles, we're probably all going to hate you.

5: No godmodding. You all know this-don't do it.

6: I know this is a list of rather long rules, but please have fun. Enjoy the game and have fun.