Elf Bane

One moment she had been in the blinding bright of that hateful sun trying to warn the others of some unknown danger and next she found herself in some dark underground vault. A pain so great filling the void of her breast that all breath escaped her lips in a sharp and sudden gasp of pain as she fell to her knees.

To long on the surface world her eyes where sunblind and slow to adjust to the utter darkness. Her fingers quickly finding the bloody shaft and than its jagged head extended outwards from her torso just below her breast."

" What the fuck! "

Cyndel screamed in suprise mixed with rage as her fingers felt out the length of the shaft from front to back finding the shafts other end extending out from her back.

The pain without question the most excruciating sensation she had ever known in or outside of the game but thankfully not so terrible as to rob her of her senses.

" Fuck,fuck,fuck,fuckā€¦ "

She groaned inwardly taking a firm hold of the bloody shaft. A sharp hateful hiss escaping her lips before speaking the words of power purging the shaft from her body.

" ad cinereum vergeret! "

In an instance the arrow burned away to nothing but ash. Her blood flowing freely from the horrid wound as she pressed her palm against the wound and called upon the magic of her rings.

" Heal "

The ring of spells pulsed a bright blue as the spell was cast but Cyndel knew at once that the one spell had not proven enough and commanding the ring again and again until the healing spells she had stored within the ring were exhausted and the blood had all but stopped flowing from the wound. The pain remaining but much less than it was.

At last able to take a full breath without the pain forcing the air from her lungs again she found that her eyes had once more adjusted and the darkness around her. Cyndel quickly finding her pack where her more powerful healing slaves and potions were stored. Her gaze drifting this way and that as she collected one of the glowing vials. of Moonlight milk and downing its contents in a single motion. Her gaze coming to rest on the remains of the arrow that she had taken in the back. A large jagged tip that bore ruins of power that where all to familiar to her.

It was an Arrow of Slaying, and not just any Arrow of Slaying but one that was marked with ruins that declaring it 'Elf Bane' and there was no doubt in her mind that had she not saved by the grace of whatever gods favored her that she'd be as dead as the mother-fucker who had shot her in the back was going to be.


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