Down to the Last Gnoll

The war horses speed started to slow the hast speed that was active had ran out. So did the Gnolls arrows he noticed that no arrows had been shot at him. Glenn was 25 meters from the tree line he could see the Gnolls running at him all five had bits of armor covering them. They were all armed with axes and shields. They gave their howling battle cry. He replied with his own brining his Mace to the ready lifting up in to the air and casted saying “Deus autem lux, flamma percutiens” flame strike. A pillar of light shot down from the sky engulfing the five Gnolls they scream in pain as they bust in to flames. He knew it was a matter of time before they died.

He charged though them his horse hitting one of them sending the dog man flying though the air the Gnoll hit the ground you could see his limbs brake its head cave in from the blow. Glenn swing down with his large mace it glowed as it hit. The light from the mace just added to the fire. The crushing of its helmet snapping of bone flesh tearing as blood sprayed everywhere the mace destroyed the Gnolls head. The hit Reverberated through the trees. He continued his charge in to the forest. He looked back as Artimis horse entered battle with him. Bashing on the enemy in the head with its hoofs and then kicking out with both hind legs at another. The level gauge on the horse went up as a white hue flashed. The other two were finished.

Glenn was looking for his target a leader someone had to be in the back giving orders. He cut thought the trees and the saw three of them standing in some bushes trying to hide. One of them had a staff and a wolf skull on its head decorated in bones and skins. Glenn just seem to know that was a Gnoll priest. The priest looks at Glenn coming at them in horror. He knew the Gnoll was casting something but had no idea what it was.

Guiding Bolt, he though as the dark shadowy bolts hit him in the chest. Pain shot thought his body as he rolled off the back of his horse. He landed on his feet but fell to one knee. His horse turned to the left shielding him from the spears being thrusted at them. One spear sliced its rear leg blood splattered on the ground the horse cried out in pain. The other spear bounced off the plate barding. The horse leap forward crushing one of the Gnolls with a spear pounding it in to a pile of broken bones and ragged skins.

Glenn looked at his armor dark mist raised from it. he could move but it hurt some. As the second Gnoll spear men came at Glenn. Glenn waited until Gnoll was about to stake the Gnoll thrusted its spear at Glenn’s chest. He reached up and grabbed the spear shaft and pulled it in and right. The Gnoll stumbled forward as the it fell Glenn strikes its throat, he could feel it claps. The Gnoll fell to the ground holding his throat. He sprang up taking a step thrusting the back end of the spear in to the Gnoll Priest it fell back just in time to the the war horse trample Priest Gnoll. Glenn turned to face the Gnoll chocking on the ground he flipped the spear around and thrusted it in to the Gnolls chest blood splashed out as the spear tip went though the Gnoll. He looked up if their were anymore alive they had have enough and were running away.

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