There you are.

Artimis slinked through the ruins watching for the archer trying to keep his head low and his eyes open. From within the tree line on the hill top the archer hid behind some brush, hiding itself from the battle raging below. He spotted a path that would allow him to sneak up and solve the problem. The problem with paths is people expect them to be used. He decided to staying off the path and make the climb low and in the brush. When he saw an arrow draw blood he hurried a bit. When the arrow with the explosive impacted, he moved quicker. The archer was tying on another stick of explosives to go after those still fighting below. When the shaft flew then the sound hit his ears, the arrow struck a little long. His horse screamed and rolled from the force of the second explosion.

Artimis drew two knives and charged the archer with a battle cry of, "Not my freaking horse." The archer turned at the shout to find the thief diving with the blades swinging down for its neck and arm. The bow was raised to parry the blow and Artimis kept hitting at the archer till the bow dropped and the fighting stopped.

Straddling the archer's body, Artimis, raising his knife to finish the job. As he drew back in his anger, the hood fell back and body parts were exposed. The archer was a female. He was beating up a girl.

From the woods, a woman stepped out of the shadows of the trees.
"I think she is a little young for you? Don't you think," Shar asked him with a wicked smile.
"This would be more your taste I think," she said the snapped hew finger and the captive changed into to a blond haired human woman that's outfit made Kara's look protective. "Or maybe." she snapped and shar looked like his ex-girlfriend in a silky white nighty, that Artimis had only dreamed about.
"Well hurry up and do what you are going to do so we can get on with this," she said impatiently to him. Artimis took the bow string and tied the hands and feet of the girl, who was back to her original form. He then sat her up and put his cloak around her shoulders so she was covered.

"A gentleman when you have watchers," she said, "How quaint!"

Artimis asked, "Who are you and what do you want?" as he tried to move towards the explosive to throw it at her. She waved a hand, "Level appropriate, level appropriate and the explosives did not move." She walked over and lifted his head so he was looking, well not in her eyes. "You are mine Artimis. The system is broken and people are playing outside the rules. You and your friends need to find and stop it. It will be very rewarding to you," she said pulling him into her body. She even smelled like his ex-girlfriend.

She let him had a moment of fantasy, then touched him on the head as she pulled away. "You now have your first small animal form. Choose well," she said as she bent down and kissed him on the cheek, then vanished.

He looked at the girls' level. Level 5 and you can shoot explosives.
"I'm an archer. We get it earlier," she said.

Artimis collected her bow, arrows, and explosives. Then picked her up, put her over a shoulder, and carried her down the hill. "You shot my horse," he kept muttering. Hoping the thing was still alive. He had spent weeks figuring out how to steal it.

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