Alone in the Dark

It was only with the discovery of the remains of the Arrow of Slaying that Cyndel understood what had happened earlier and why.

The ring of Shadowy Defense didn't just provide useful spells and improved defensive stats. In times of dire need the ring would shadow gate the wearer safely away from combat. Apparently the sudden loss of 75% of ones hit point counted as dire need and the ring had gated her to one of the Zones hidden nearby underground vaults.

Her eyes adjusted once more to the dark. Cyndel was finally able to turn her full attention to the vault itself taking a moment to absorb what she saw there.

The floor was littered with broken and splintered bones as well as no small number of discarded weapons and equipment once carried by the countless would be heroes that had no doubt chanced to discover this hidden underground vault prior to herself.

It was the vaults far side that her gaze settled upon a pair of white marble tombs. The lids of ancient sarcophagus adored with finely shaped images of a lord and lady of some ancient bloodline of elves long forgotten to history.

In truth if not so oddly out of place and seemingly undisturbed in an otherwise unremarkable setting. She might well have overlooked them.

" It's a trap … "

Cyndel could here the familiar voice of Admiral Akbar sounding in the back of her mind that ever popular and often repeated phrase as she examined both the tombs and the setting that she found them carefully. Certain of some unseen danger and yet after a short span find no hidden dangers awaited.

Truthfully she knew she should be seeking an exit and finding her way back to the others but the thought of another arrow in her back Slaying or otherwise muted any overwhelming desire to play the hero.

" This is so stupid … " Cyndel noted aloud to herself just before something caught her eye.

A hero's tomb without question but all and all unremarkable … His image showing her that in life he had been a warrior and handsome enough but wholly uninteresting by all other accounts.

The tomb of the elf maiden however proved to be far and away the more interesting of the pair. The image carved in white stone showing her to have once been a great beauty with all the hallmarks of a spellcaster. The stone image depiction her holding what was without question her treasured spellbook.

It was this stone depiction of the book that held tightly to Cyndel's attention for if the arcane symbols spoke true than as fair and beautiful as the maiden might once have been. She was also a creature of the dark the ruins carved on the stone face of the book she held written in infernal.

" My my my, you were a bad girl weren't you?" Cyndel mused aloud, stopping short upon hearing a noise from the chamber behind her.

" Well well, and what have we here then ? " The deep throated voice growled as the towering shape of a Gnoll Warrior adorned in a mail shirt and wielding a great axe took shape in the passage leading into the room. The beast man lifting his muzzle to smell the stench of blood in the air as he licked his lips with a long tongue.

" Are you hurt little elf ?" The beast teased. " Shall Klaw end your suffering for you ? "


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