Its a Girl?

Glenn look down at the Gnoll body he had Just killed and waited to see how the body was going to disappear he had not paid attention the first time. After a moment the body started to dissolve the skin melted away. The organs turned to liquid and soaked in to the ground the bones turned to dust and drifted in the air and dissipated vanishing from sight all in about a minute. Then revealed its treasure a few gold coins and a gem. Glenn reached down and picked up the treasure and the others around him. That was different before they just vanished when dead he thought to himself. Turning to his war horse Storm he stepped over to were it was cut he placed his hand on it casting saying “Deus autem lux, lux sanitatem” healing the injury. nothing but dried blood remained.

Getting back on Storm Glenn looked around one more time. Then a loud fighting echoes in the forest. He could tell it was back where they were ambushed. Glenn leaned forward on Storm “to battle!” he yelled as the two sprinted off. He burst from the tree line at full speed he looed back at where the runes were. He saw Invicita over on his left he had Gnoll bodies around him and was dealing with the last two as Glenn raced to help him. From the forest Smoke shot at Invicita hitting him in the back “what the hell” said Glenn to himself.

There was a loud explosion throwing Invicita on to the ground. Glenn was still 30 yards away as Invicita rolled to a stop. Glenn slid off his horse next to Invicita droping to one knee he saw that Invicita was a mess. “Dam, will a heal spell work on you?” he said. Glenn saw that he was losing liquid from his face and chest bits and pieces of his chest and face missing. “I hope this works” he says Casting “Deus autem lux, sanitatem divina!” divine healing.

A white hue glows around Glenns hands then a brighter light appears over Inviciti the light piercing his body as his body starts to regenerate pieces that were missing slowly repairing the damage to his body the Liquid stopped oozing all that was left was dried liquid at the end. “OK Inviciti, you should be all right now. Two more minutes of rest, I think” says Glenn. He let out a sigh looks up “ok, I am getting to old for this.” He stands to see were the arrow came from to catch Artimis attacking something up the hill. The sound of struggle with the bushes shaking and wood braking. Then muffled talking. “what the hell now” Glenn said out loud. Glenn was about to head that direction when Artimis appeared out of the brush with something rapped and over his shoulder.

As he got closer Glenn realized is was not a Gnoll it would just disappear. The boots were small then he could see the long hear hanging down the back. Glenn started to walk towards Artimis “what do you have there Artimis” he asks. “It looks like a young girl?” He inquires. Glenn looked around gave a loud whistle and yells “Rally here!” He waits to see who shows up.

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