Artimis, heard the call the call and whistle by Glenn. Looking down the hill, he whistled for the horse to come to him. It looked at him snorted head low with its ears back, then walked over to the other horses with a slight limp of it left hind quarter. Standing there watching Artimis.

The girl said in a matter of fact tone, "It doesn't like you."
"Yeah, I kind of understand that," Artimis replied with a thank you captain obvious tone.

Artimis kept working his way down the hill thinking about dropping the girl down the side so she could roll or slide to the bottom of the hill. But he continued to carry her till he reached the bottom of the hill. Then he whistled for the horse again. The response was the same. He flopped the girl down hard on her butt which brought out the teenage attitude even more.
"You don't need to be so rough," she said shifting her wait.
As he sat down to catch his breath.
"You could just untie me and I could just walk away. It is not like I killed anyone," she said.
He knelt and threw her over the other shoulder and walked the rest of the way.

"She's the archer. She was a Gnoll, then this weird woman stepped out of the forest and changed her into a blond haired woman," Atrimis said.
"With big boobs and almost no clothes on," she said interupting.
Artimis shot her a look and continued, "and then this girl."
"He liked being on top," she interrupted giving a rude smile.

She stopped for a second then said, "You didn't tell them about Shar changing.."
Artimis stuck a leather pouch in her mouth to get her to stop.
Looking at Vader, Artimis pointed at the girl and said, "I think the Dark Side is strong in that one."

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