Darkness and Light

It wasn't until this moment in the darkness of the hidden vault that Cyndel came to the long overdue realization that she was more than equal to any man or dog-man she had yet faced.

The beast in his haste advancing across the width of the chamber in a sudden motion bring his axe downward through the empty air where once she had stood. The blade splitting the lid elf maidens tomb down the center having missed Cyndel entirely.

" You'll need to do better than that. " Cyndel couldn't help but tease the poor dumb beast. " Come again."

Spinning on its hind legs it lunged towards her again swinging the axe in a wide arc to again catch only the empty air where she had once stood.

" Come again."

The beast charge and swung the weapon again and again in a rage unable it seemed to even come close to hitting her. The dog-man's eyes wild in frustration and panic as it foamed at the mouth as it too realized it stood no chance at victory in this contest.

Cyndel hissed her annoyance.

" Your not even worth the magic it would take to light a simple candle dog-man."

A sudden movement and the contest was over. Cyndel returning the twin silver-steel blade to their scabbards on her belt as the poison quickly went to work and the dog-man collapsed drowning in its own blood as its insides began to dissolve into mush.

" You were right, I do feel much much better now." Cyndel couldn't help but smirk as she spoke aloud. Her gaze drifting to the ruined stone lid of the marble tomb and its exposed contents. A small black ironbound book nearly identical to the one that had been craved into the stone lid held in the grip of the ancient skeletal remains.

Finding an exit from the underground tomb back to the surface proved easy enough. Though Cyndel regretted the discovery soon enough given that the thrice cursed daystar was at its highest point of the day and promised another several hours of discomfort before sunset.

The Inquisitor gave a loud whistle than his voice sounding loudly. “Rally here!”

Cyndel could only sigh and adjust her cloak and hood making certain she was fully covered before moving through ruins to join the others at the bottom of the hill.


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