"Worthless beast!" Vader bellowed, taking down the last of his foes with a feat of brute strength rather than skill and finesse; he was having fun.

In a quick succession of entirely haphazard swipes, he knocked the gnoll back, then outright bashed its weapon from its hands, and then all but cut the creature in half at the torso. Then he knelt down and severed its head as well. The gnoll's body melted away and its bones turned to dust, but the grizzly war trophy remained.

Looking around, he pulled a knife from the junk left behind by the slain gnoll's corpse. He held it up to the light and inspected it. The blade was sharp enough for the task at hand. And with the kind of skill befitting a 'butcher' he skinned the skull and carefully removed every last scrap of flesh from it.

“Rally here!” Glenn called, to Vader's right but he made no motion to join him.

But he did listen as Artimis wandered in with his captive and began fighting with her. After gagging her, he called out to Vader, "I think the Dark Side is strong in that one."

Skull in hand, he now joined the group.

"Were that she had slain you, I might agree. However, being bested by a lowly theif is an embarrassing show of ineptitude," Vader responded.

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