Murder death kill

"We could just kill her," Invicta said, gripping what was left of his sword.

Vader grinned; not that anyone could see it. The more time he spent around this puppet-man, the more he liked him. If such a creature could be made undead, Corruptus would surely welcome him into the Dark Side.

"We didn't think twice when we killed her companions. She may have only done as much as wound us, but if she had a better chance, and stronger allies, she could have killed one of us. And as long as she's alive, she still can," Invicta continued.

Vader unsheathed his sword and stepped up in support of the wounded Invicta. He had a feeling that Artimis was thinking with his loins rather than his brains. Why else would he allow an enemy to live?

"I agree. Drop her and walk away, theif," he said with grim resolution.

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