More attitude.

Artimis stood his ground, sort of. The archer was sitting on the ground still in his cloak.

As he moved, the girl pulled her arms around her self and said, "Dim wit here, didn't even check me for weapons when he tied me up." She cut the cord around her ankles with a small knife and stood up.

"A gnoll was drawing down on you with a bow, correct?" she asked the warriors. "Dim wit, defeated the gnoll archer by beating her up and captured her. I'm his reward," she said and then paused.

"With me so far or am I going to fast for you?" she asked with a snotty teen attitude.

"The Gnoll that tried to kill you is probably in that forsaken town being attacked by those Mobs there," she said as if it was apparent,"or don't you get ID substitution? It is connected with the teleporting algorithm. Swapping one thing for another?" She stretched a bit and said, "The goddess Shar thought you needed someone needed to keep an eye on Dim Wit here so he can help you complete your mission without getting himself killed. He was working on ways to try to break the system to see is he could get himself booted out. But, she thinks it would probably get you all killed."

She stepped forward towards them dropping the knife and letting the cloak drop, "But if you want to kill me, I wish you luck finding your missing party member. Dim Wit here is a city rouge not a scout. " she said.

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