Wife of Artimis

" Missing, whose missing ? " Cyndel announce rejoining the others having heard enough of the exchange to be disappointed in the revelation that this new girl was just a physical replacement for the Gnoll Archer and not an actual transformation. " And how would you know if someone was missing anyways? "

" Inquisitor, Death Knight, Warforged, Barbarian Girl, Thief, Wizard … and Plus One." Cyndel sounded off ending her count on the newly acquired Archer.

" It perhaps is better that you are not the Gnoll Archer. As I was planning to return this to it … " Cyndel hissed sharply producing the dagger like Arrowhead of the Elf Bane in her still bloody hand and tossed it to the ground at the Archers feet. " ... Several times in fact."

" Oh well, Welcome to our little group than Wife of Artimis. I hope you both have a long and happy life together however short that might be. "

Cyndel was all for just walking away until she caught sight of poor Invicta.

" Warforge, You look as bad as I feel ... " Cyndel mused. " Would you want me to repair what I can of you until proper work can be done ? "


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