In Dire Need of Repair

I hadn't moved an inch, the half of my blade still menacingly pointed at her, however, I was taken aback. I had to admit, I hadn't expected the Archer to respond in such a composed if not rude manner. I'd more expected her to beg for her life, however, let her tell it, she was completely innocent. It did make sense, the idea that she was a Gnoll in a human's body seemed a bit far fetched, no snarling, no growling, either this was one talented game mob or she spoke the truth.

Thinking it over for a few more seconds, I was decided, reversing my blade before sliding it back into its scabbard. As the blade clicked into place, I could practically hear Vader's disappointment. I wasn't going to kill an innocent person, no matter how ruthless I had become. Not in this lifetime.

With that, the conflict was over. I had more pressing issues to deal with, like how until I got a replacement sword and my armor fixed, a harmless teenage archer girl was about all I was going to be able to kill. Cyndel had appeared, wherever she had gone off to, she had, in fact, been able to handle herself.

Cyndel was all for just walking away until she caught sight of poor Invicta.

" Warforged, You look as bad as I feel ... " Cyndel mused. " Would you want me to repair what I can of you until proper work can be done ? "

Once again, I was taken off guard. The last person of our party I expected to be lending me a hand was the Dark Elven wizard, both because I hadn't really noticed her paying much attention to any of the others beforehand and because as a wizard, I wouldn't have expected her to know much about armor repair. Either way, it seemed on these two fronts I was wrong, and I decided any amount of aid at this point was welcome. I did feel pretty poor.

"Sure, " I started, "I appreciate it, anything helps."

Once more looking down at myself, I looked over my ruined armor. This might help, but I needed to see a professional soon. And if they could work their way around my armor, I had a few other ideas floating around in my head as well...

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