Bits and Pieces and ...

While Cyndel would be the first to admit that she knew next to nothing about the upkeep and maintenance associated with the Warforged as a whole. She could count several as companions in the many of assorted adventurering groups she'd travelled with in the past. That coupled with her own sorted affairs with Armor wearing Sword wielding wannabe boyfriends had allowed her to pick up some useful tricks over the years among them the ability to Craft Wondrous Items and later on the ability to Craft Magical Arms and Armor.

She had also learned some creative ways of employing basic spells such as Mending, Fabrication, and Creation to address small repairs to both weapons and armor.

In Invicta's case the healing spells that the Inquisitor had employed had repaired the creations internal structure but the armored exterior required more than a simple healing spells to restore. In point of fact most of it was well beyond Cyndel's ability given her limited tools and resources but their were ways one could workaround the problem.

" I'm going to suggest that substitute replacements for some of your pieces. " She stated plainly. " I'll admit my understanding of what makes your kind tick is limited at best but I've had some experience with Warforged in the past and as I understand it, the exterior shell is basically just a kind of customized armor with pieces that can be swapped or even replaced as needed."

She summoned the Carpet of Flying and placed it long side flush with one of the many ancient stone walls acted as shade before than summoning the Party Chest and having it open to reveal the assorted pieces from dozens of suits of armor. Some pieces clearly having once belonged to Warforged not unlike himself.

" Just pick what you like and I'll do my best to make it fit. Can't promise perfection but anything is better than the state you're in now. "


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