Valley Inn

He had stepped back some to allow the others to interact and to work out how they were going to deal with this Archer. As a new leader he was still in the evaluation mode and he knew it. With the Archer being thrown in to the mix did not help. Glenn almost stepped in several times he did not want her killed, not yet. He questioned the god’s interference this was bad enough without adding more trouble. Everyone was accounted for and alive that was a good thing. He was still not sure what happened if one of the players dies is it just here or in RL too. He thought it was time to intervene and get back on the road if there was a respond of the monsters, he did not want to spend all day fighting here.

Speaking in a loud and strong tone getting their attention “OK, playtime is over, leave Artimis wife alone now.” He steps closer to the Archer. “It appears you get to live Archer another day. Now I know your hart is still selfish I have seen in to it. This is your chance to changer your ways for some reason the gods have done this. Why, I can’t tell you, yet they have not revealed it to me.” he says walking to check her out closer. His changes to a serious tone in his face “if you try to hurt or kill anyone in this party, I will end you!” he says stepping closer. “Do we have an understanding” He ask her.

“Get up you are fee to move Archer, Artimis, you are responsible for her right now. I hold you accountable for anything that happened to her and she dose. That dose not mean you can do with her what you want either understand? Glenn says in a stern voice. He turns to face the group “we need to get on the road in let’s say ten minutes. Make sure you account for equipment if you need anything help one another. If you need healing let me know.” he said.

He called his warhorse Storm and got ready to leave as the others papered. The Party spent too much time here already. After things were taken care of, he waited until they were all ready. The party made their way to the road and started walking now the trees gave some protection from the sun. Glenn led the way looking behind him. He had suggested that everyone walk in columns of two both sides of the road with him in the middle. He was teaching them squad tactics with out saying it. he had Vader and Invicita right be hind him next Cyndel and Artimis. Then Archer and Kara in the rear. For the few hours they did not say much they just walk Archer had not given any problems so far and Glenn was happy about that. Some would ask why to put her in the back. It was a test to see if she would take advantage of the back and attack the group or someone in the Party.

Glenn turned and looked back saying as he rode forward “as a team or party we should have a name and motto for us this will let people know us and build us a reputation. This could make it easier for us as are reputation builds.” He sagest. “I live it up to you for this idea. I can help when needed. An example one of my squads we called are self’s Recue Rangers, are motto was Stand and Deliver. We built are reputation as a team that would go in and rescue anyone any time” he paused to let that sink in. “each of you will have a position to fill in the Party more than what you think you are doing now like Party supply. Cyndel, you will be that person more to fallow on that.” He said smiling. “Anyways, just think in this we will talk more at dinner on this subject. He turned facing forward thinking to him self how would they take this he had not even ask them to be come their Party leader. He would address that at dinner.

The sun was setting Glenn as well as the others they were getting tiered as they crested a hill the small valley opened to them spotted with farms and some houses in the far distends the river keeps going snaking though the area. there is a large building sitting by the road with a large barn be hind it. Glenn thought hay an Inn he could only hope he had been in this armor to long and it was starting to hurt more each day. He stopped to survey the area. the party stated down the road. The region around the Inn, now known as the Hill lands, is an expansive grassy wilderness between the city and the out lands. Once a pivotal Lord Arnor long ago, in these darkening days this wilderness is not to be traveled lightly, despite its noticeably sparse population. The surrounding hills are home to brigands and shadowy characters of many sorts.

The Three-day journey from the city on the Great Road, The party finds the Fletcher's Fireside Inn, and it is likely to be the last outpost of civilized life they will encounter for some time to come. The Inn itself is in disrepair, with a variety of cobbled-together wall fragments and a severely neglected roof however, any roofed structure even one with most of its roof still intact, is a welcome sight in these lawless lands. The sound of a lively time could be heard from outside. A woman dressed in a peasant dresses could be seen as they ride up to the Inn sweeping the porch. “Hello travelers, what brings you here to the Inn?” she asks her voice sweet and innocent.

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