Settling Inn

Mortem had paid for a small room with a desk. He had been in the middle of reading a book when they arrived in the Inn. It seemed that he had paid for the room and then went straight to his room which was highly unlike him but today he wanted to rest and take it slow.

He viewed Vader earlier shock the girl which in his opinion wasn't that funny. He really didn't get why he thought it was funny...the reaction of the girl? It was cruel in his opinion.

His room was a small room that had one window but it was colored glass which he concluded was a Tan color. The desk was rigid and had cuttings all over it which made it easy to cut yourself on. It was a cheap room but he really wasn't sure if the desk add-on fee was worth it now. One thing he likes about the room was how small and Tidy it was

Mortem had begun to put his stuff away but put his bag under the bed putting an enchantment on it."Mobiulus Candelendius" He said as the bag would glow purple before quickly returning to the normal color. He really still didn't believe this world and what has happened.Falling onto the bed he felt hard yet somewhat comfortable bedding and had looked into the crack in the doorway. It seemed like nice people but they looked wary of the party especially since Vader had scared the girl. He took out a book from his pocket and began to read. The book was something he had collected early before he meet the party, it was about the Sage Classes

Later . . .

He had put the book down as he wanted to see what the others were doing. Mortem had opened the done and looked around seeing the others roaming about. The smell of soup filled his nose suddenly . He started to put a smile on, towards the lady who stood near the soup."Hello, how much for a bowl..for a lonely man?" Mortem said as the girl snickered "Sir..why thy has a funny accent." She said as she poured a bowl of soup as Mortem handed her payment.

This had left him a sour taste in his mouth. Did people really think his accent was odd...[American Accent

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