It Was Kinda Funny...

She summoned the Carpet of Flying and placed it long side flush with one of the many ancient stone walls acted as shade before than summoning the Party Chest and having it open to reveal the assorted pieces from dozens of suits of armor. Some pieces clearly having once belonged to Warforged, not unlike himself.

" Just pick what you like and I'll do my best to make it fit. Can't promise perfection but anything is better than the state you're in now. "

I dropped to a knee before sifting through the chest, searching for the most optimally shaped pieces I could. I'd found a chest piece that looked to be the correct dimensions to fit onto myself, there were some upper arm guards for added protection, and most importantly, a replacement for my faceplate. It was a piece of curved metal that may have been once part of a helmet or perhaps a mask just like I needed it for, either way, it seemed a more than ideal fit.

"These should do. Thanks," I typed.

I rode atop Mere once more as we set onward, as per Glenn's order. At this point, he had practically become our de facto leader, no one of the party seemed to have any objections. He had us aligned in a sort of formation that felt nothing less than military. It was like we were all part of a unit behind enemy lines. The roleplay helped ease the stress of our predicament, I'd have been willing to indulge in any activity that might allow me to take my mind off things. Just one step at a time, right?

It was just before nightfall when we decided to take a pit stop of sorts, halting at a quaint little inn, "Fletcher's Fireside Inn", in the surrounding farmlands. As we approached there was a peasant-dressed woman sweeping the porch, she seemed as if she worked there. I had expected Glenn or maybe Cyndel, the closest of us in my mind to second in command, however, it was Vader who approached.

"An insatiable hunger for the souls of the innocent," Vader said, stepping forward.

The girl's eyes went wide as she stared in horror at the Dread Knight approaching her and a moment later she fainted, falling to the ground, unconscious but alive and otherwise unharmed. Vader immediately found himself overtaken by a bout of laughter. He slapped his hand on his knee.

I chuckled silently, shaking my head at the Dark Knight's cruelty. Yeah, it was kinda fucked up, and believe me I wanted to be the heroic kind of person that looked down on such behavior, but I had been on both the dealing and receiving end of just enough dark and cruel jokes that I interpreted the humor more readily than most of the others. Despite the poor girl's nerves, she was fine, and after clearing himself of his amusement, Vader was the first to enter. We soon all followed suit.

Glenn cured the woman of her fright, before helping to usher the rest of us in. We'd be resting here for the night. Inside it wasn't exactly messy, but not so near to well-kept. Despite my imperviousness to sleep, I had great a want of a comfy modern bed, and I realized that I might not experience that again until I was free of the game.

Woe is me, I thought, scolding myself for the thought. As our party migrated in and around, I found a seat, for once not slashing away at something. I didn't plan to start back up either, not until my sword was repaired. Old Skyrim habits started to kick in, and I wondered if there was a weapon sitting around anywhere that no one would soon miss...

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