The Archer gave an eye roll then picked up her gear. She restrung her bow. She carefully wrapped the elf slayer arrow in leather and placed it in the quiver. She went over to Artimis' horse and mounted it.

"I'm not married and she is not my wife!" Artimis said after Glenn and the crew prepared to move on.
"Get off my horse." he said to the Archer.
She just whistled and a Shetland Pony came down the hill.
"That's more your speed," she said.

They fell into their places and rode. After a while, Artimis' icy demeanor cracked and he asked what her name was. The answer the Archer gave was "Mob_835891396907."

Artimis wanted to check on the others that got hurt to see if he could do something to help. When he tried to move out of line, the command came to "stay in place." It would have been easy to do. Put feet down, turn horse, and lift feet up.

When they got to the inn, Artimis offered to help stable the horses. He wanted to check the area out. There might be a small smithy that could be used to repair the armor and weapons. He wanted to get a layout of the area and if there was anything of interest.

The archer watched with a very bored expression. Staying close enough to see him or more importantly letting him know he was being watched.
In the rubble of an outbuilding, he came across a small forge in a collapsed building got excited. From the rubble he picked up a hammer, to have proof for the others. Maybe, if he knew what to scrounge for, he could find some stuff.

With the hammer in hand, he headed for the Archer and the Inn. "Come on Becky," he said. He would see if one of the powers in his party could resting the girl's name.

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