What remained of the day ...

Cyndel spent what remained of the afternoon working on properly fitting the pieces the Warforge had selected.

The breastplate first followed by the guards and assorted plates. Burning one spell or another in the process of molding and shaping the pieces until they fit snuggly where they were intended to replace one broken or ruined piece after another until near to days end almost all of the work had been finished and Invicta looked almost shiny.

She briefly thought it odd that he would again select a featureless shoulder piece to be modified as yet another blank and featureless faceplate but found no want to inquire further. It was not her place after all.

She had only just finished molding the blank and featureless faceplate into proper shape as the roadside Inn came into view.

' Goddess be praised, a bed and a bath await." She smirked handing over to the finished piece to the Warforge and nodded her approval once it was properly fitted into place replacing the ruined one he had once worn.

" Very nice… " Cyndel nodded her approval at the end result.

Not so many minutes later Cyndel could not help but shake her head in disbelief at Vader's childish display.

" Goddess his sense of humor is as dead as he is." She could not help but grumble aloud.

Thankful than in no small part that the Inquisitor was quick to address the woman's fear and hurt and escorting her inside just before the Old Innkeeper appeared in a soiled apprain with a large meat cleaved in hand looking about ready to use it on who ever needed cleaving first.

The Graystone offered a simple enough account of cause and address the small matter of introductions before requesting accommodations for the night. It was clear though from the look the Innkeeper gave that he seemed to recognise not just The Inquisitor but a quick glance her direction suggesting he knew her as well.

" Of course ... Of course Master Graystone." The Innkeeper spoke bowing politely setting the cleaver aside. " Only our finest for you and your companions my Lord."


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