A side quest!

"Hah!" Vader exclaimed, clenching his fists.

This old geezer was actually threatening him with nothing more than an old cleaver.

"Come on, attack me! Free shot! Go for it!" Vader egged the man on between bouts of laughter.

And the Inquisitor had to come running in and spoil his fun.

“I am Inquisitor Graystone, I hope that meat cleaver is magical or you will not scratch my executioner. Your maiden fainted at his site. She is okay, I helped her recover. Now with all that said, can we stay the night and get some food. I will pay well for your serves.” Glenn said with a smile.

"Now why'd you have to go and do that? I wasn't even going to kill him," Vader said, exasperated. "Baaah, you've no sense of humor and the stench of too much life permeates this place. I'll take my leave of it and you for the night."

Vader headed back outside to the cool embrace of the encroaching night. And as he did, he ran into the archer girl from earlier. Literally, she ran right into his chest plate. From around the corner of the building, he heard Artimis calling for her.

"You know, even after hearing your story about being swapped with the archer-gnoll, I was still going to split you in half. But then I heard how you spoke to the theif, and I just couldn't bring myself to do it," he said to her as she looked uneasily up at him.

"Come on Becky," Artimis called, rounding the corner of the building and stopping as soon as he laid eyes on the two.

"Thief," Vader said with a nod and walked off into the night.

Several minutes later, he gradually became aware of something something out there, calling to him. He crossed the road and dissapeared into the woods.

"I can sense you. Who is it that summons me?" he said in a low voice.

But he received no answer, just the nagging pull towards the center of the forest. There he found a clearing, in the middle of which stood the crumbling ruins of a stone building. The roof had long since caved in, as had a wall. But two massive ebony columns told the story of a once magnificent temple. He stepped in amongst the ruins and unearthed a stairwell, leading down. The air was cool and damp as he trudged deep into the recesses of the earth. When he reached the bottom, stone walls gave way to a morbid myriad of bones and skulls, arranged like a gruesome jigsaw puzzle. Torches with ethereal green light, beckoned him forward.

Here and there, doorways and passages lead in different directions. Yet he steered unerringly forward, until he reached an archway which had been sealed with rocks and mortar. One punch. That's all it took. He stepped through the still falling debris and into a medium sized room of blackened skull walls, all staring in. In the center lay a well from which an eerie green light shined out. As he approach, he could feel the cold, unholy light piercing his armor and undead body.

A malevolent voice whispered to him from within the light.

"Child of darkness," Corruptus's unmistakable voice called to him. "In the valley beyond, lies a dungeon. Your companions will wish to avoid it, for only the dead and diseased dwell within. It is the realm of Necrolon, the Undying. At the heart of it, lies a great relic, stolen from my temple. Retrieve it."

"As you command, my Master!" Vader immediately replied, slamming his fist on his chest and bowing his head.

There was no reply and when he raised his head, he found that he was standing back across the road from the inn.

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