Ready for Dinner

" Of course ... Of course Master Graystone." The Old Fletcher spoke bowing politely setting the cleaver aside. " Only our finest for you and your companions my Lord."

Glenn gave Vader a look of displeasure as he left. He looked back at Fletcher with a smile. “Thank you, Master Fletcher” Glenn replies. He reaches in to a pouch on his side pulls out a small bag of coins and hands it to him. “this should be enough for now I will give you more if you need it when we leave”
" Lord and Lady let my boy see to your mounts and my daughters see you to your rooms."

Following the pretty young lady Glenn thought it had been a long time from the last time he had been here. He had been in this area on adventures leveling up. Things did not change to much from what he remembered. Game time and real time was not the same and now he wondered how this place would stand the test of time now. Thangs now age fall apart, things decay over time something that was not part of the game before. His thought was broken as the girl said something to him. “O what, sorry I was in thought” Glenn replies. The girl smiled “it is ok Master Graystone. This is your room father said give you the big one.” Glenn looked in smiled “I will take this one next door give this one to Lady Cyndel Blackfar I don’t need all that room.” Says Glenn walking in to the other room. “As you wish Master Graystone” she replies.

She turns to walk away then stops looking at Glenn with a playful smile “can I do anything else for you” she says with her puppy dog look in her eyes. “yes, do you remember me from before” ask Glenn.” She turned facing him she put her hands behind her back clasping her hands trying to look cute. “Yes, Master Glenn all the girls remember you being here.” she said. “O, ok Carol is your first name, right? well do you remember what armor I was wearing at the time and the crest on it” He ask. She looked down at the floor for a moment then looked up in surprise. “You remember my name, yes a sword with white wings and glowing light.” She sates.

The game as evolved more than I thought memory’s and how did they get them. The NPC are truly AI. The thought to himself. He walks up to her and placed his hand on her shoulder he looked in to her eyes. “I thank you for your help and answering my questions.” Glenn said in a respectful tone. Her eyes light up a big smile across her face. “I will help you anytime Master Graystone” She replies. Glenn turned and walks in to his room. He waited for her to walk away to get others to their rooms. He closed the door. The room was a good size with a big bed and a dresser everything was of good quality would.

He walked over to the window the class was discolored from time. Looking a round he opened his player panel opening his inventory he pulled an armor rack out and placed it in the room changed his armor out for nice quilted clothing and a sir coat with his crest in it. he pulled a sword out and digger and attached them at his sides. Looked though his clocks and picked one with the same crest. The crest was one that combined the Family crest the Inquisitor crest and Auras symbol together.
He walked over to a desk and checked the lamp in the desk he pulled the glass off removed the wick and metal top and put his finger in the oil. He rubbed his fingers together the feel of the oil was cold and real. Glenn sighed he but the lamp back together. “Well then, we are all in trouble” he said out loud. He pored water from a clay pitcher in to a clay bowl then washed up. thinking to himself. What he was to say at dinner.

Some time later he walked in to the main area the big table had been set up for the group, Glenn spotted a man in the back at a table buy himself. He was toll black hair his eyes could have been gray but with the low light Glenn could not tell at that distance. The sparkle of earrings from the light’s reflection. Girl? He asks himself then looked one more time no it is a guy, his clothing being make of a brown and black leather eating a bowl of something. Glenn knew it was a player probably a spell caster of some sorts by the look of him.

Glenn realized he had stared to long the man looks back at him. Glenn nodded than walked over to the big table. He took a seat at one end the Fletcher brought him some cheese bread and bowl of soup. “Thank you, Fletcher.” Says Glenn. Fletcher nods and walks back to the kitchen. Carol walks out with a copper chalice set it near him and pores wine from a copper pitcher then sets it down nest to the Chalice. “Master Graystone, can I help you with anything else” he asks. Glenn looked up at her “no thank you, just waiting on my friends” he responded. Glenn put his napkin across his lap he glanced over to the kitchen area to see the boy and girls staring at him from the side of the doorway.

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