Girl talk before dinner ...

" The Inquisitor says this room is yours." The girl child announced as they reached the door at the top of the stairs.

" Really, and which room would our dear Inquisitor be in ? " Cyndel smirked following the girls gaze to the next door.

" He said he didn't require that much room and to give the bigger one to you."
She stated plainly.

Cyndel nodded. " That was awfully sweet of him wasn't it? " She spoke aloud producing some sweets from the pouch on her belt and handing some to the child. " Careful now kitten, they might be poisoned you know."

" Father said you'd say that." The girl noted as she ate one of the sweets she had been given.

" Did he now? " Cyndel mused as she slipped through the open door into the room which oddly enough looked like any other travellers room she'd ever stayed in save there was a holy symbol fixed to the wall just over the bed. " A did he tell you why ? "

The girl planted herself on the bed looking on in interest as Cyndel explored the room. " He said you were either warning us that all Dark Elves are dangerous or that treats from strangers cannot always be trusted."

Cyndel shrugged checking each of the empty dresser drawers in turn. " Both are true enough. "

" Is it true that you have charmed a hundred men and had your way with them ? " The thought to ask as she ate another sweet.

" Only a hundred … " Cyndel offered the girl a look of mock suprise. " Goddess preserve us, far far more than that and charming a man rarely requires magic."

The girl studied Cyndel carefully. " And which do you prefer as consort heroes or villains ?"

Cyndel paused offering the girl an odd look for a moment before shrugging her shoulders and answering. " I guess it depends on what I want at the time. With villains they more often than not prefer to reward or offer gifts for a ladies affections… It keep things simple for them. A villain who doesn't reward or offer gifts tend to think they own you and that's always a bad sign."

Cyndel paused in suprise noting that the number of girls seated her bed had increased from one to three. All keenly interested in what she was saying.

" With heroes its more about proving themselves worthy of a ladies affections … for them it tends to be more about doing things and the grander the better like performing tasks or quests and what not. The problem with heroes though is they do tend to be single minded about a given task and forget about why they are doing it in the first place."

Cyndel paused than thoughtfully. " As to which 'I' prefer its like I said. It depends on what I want at the time. Villains are great for a quick fling or a roll in the hay but Heroes while they can be a bit boring are more affectionate and tend to be loyal and are a good investment in the long term."

" And what about the Inquisitor, have charmed him and had your way with him yet ? " One of the girls piped in.

Cyndel sighed softly and frowned in mock annoyance ushering the wayward girls to the door. " Enough prattle. You lot clearly do not need me putting ideas into your little head's when you already have enough of your own to begin with. "
The door closed behind them Cyndel smirked turning her attention to what to wear to dinner and then a long warm bath afterwards.


In the end Cyndel had elected to trade her travelling attire for a simple and far more comfortable shoulderless snowfall gown with cannons sleeves held in place by a simple black lace corset.

" It seems I'm early. " She frowned her annoyance as she seated herself next to Graystone. " That being said I also might be the only one to make and appearance. "


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