Dinner and getting to the point, new guy?

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With everyone at the table Glenn looks them over each one thinking what he has got him self in to after retirement from the Army he thought that was it for him. He had loss to many people under his care he did not want to lose any more. Now here he is in a crises leading people he hopes to a solution. He makes sure they have food if they eat and drink. He picks up his glass and takes a sip of the wine it is good. It was much like a Cabernet Sauvignon a good red wine.

Well time to get this over with he addressed the people at the table at the same time seeing if the player at the table by himself in the back reacted in anyway. “I would like to ask you all a question. Do you all want me to be party or team leader officially?” He asks. He looked at them as they answered and gave each of them a head nod.

“Now that we have that out of the way, I have given a lot of thought to this team and the people in it. we all have are standard jobs that goes with you saying. But I would like to change some things. One, Artimis, I want all of you not to call him a thief it could create more problems later for us call him his name or something else like troubleshooter as an example.” He takes a drink of his wine.

He looks at Blackfar her beauty was almost overwhelming “Cyndel you oversee team supply’s and money I have seen you work with the team and you give openly I think I, we can trust you that way.” He gives her a playful grin.

He looked at Artimis paused for a moment then said “Artimis, you have one of the most significant jobs you are to oversee Intelligence and information. You gather what we need find what we want.” He says formally.

He looks next to Artimis at Archer the young girl there now dressed in leather armor the purchased from the nearby vender and asked Cyndel to help Glenn as well had it delivered to her. “You are the support and back up to the team in the Army you would be my Sniper and over watch for the team. You have sharp eyes and see things we don’t and back up to Artimis on his missions. I am glad you are here, on another note I do not want to call you Archer it’s a job or position not a person. You deserve a name an example Raven but your choice what you want to be called. You are nobody’s property here is that clear!” Glenn said with authority.

Looking over to the Warforged Envoy he had herd of them but never saw one up close something left from the King war days. “Invicita, you are my Tactics and front-line fighter protector of the team. You look out for are readiness and are equipment reliability. Bodyguard for team members on missions I know you can do it.” Glenn said with liveliness in his voice.

Kara sat there eating Glenn knew something was off but could not put his finger on it. her mannerisms seemed out of place he was trained to perceive differences in people’s behaver. He shook his head refocused. “Kara, I know I always assign you as rear guard, but I know you can do it you are a main fighter there you have to hold the line back there. Your two-handed sword can cover ten feet of area that can be freighting. You are very imposing and a striking woman. At times I will call on you to be a bodyguard at times guarding Me and Cyndel.” He waited for her reaction.

Glenn looking down He sighed then look up at Vader. “You I saved to last and the best position for you. As an Inquisitor I am allowed to employ an Exclusioner. Under my direction, I mean! Under my direction you can execute someone under that authority. You are also one of are front line fighters and a good one at that. I ask you to act as protector when needed situations. I will let you know when your serves are needed. Also, I could assign you to back up Artimis on some of his missions.

He looked over the Man in sitting at the table by himself. he knew he was a player and with numbers comes strength. “Fletcher” Glenn yelled the man came walking in. “Yes, Master Graystone” the Man answered. Glenn looked at the man at the far table. “Get the man whatever he wants to drink and put it on my charge” Glenn said to Fletcher. Turing and walking away Fletcher walked to the back then the daughter walks out going over to the man with the sparkly of earrings. He talked with him Then she walk in to the back room.

“Now to address what we know. 4 days ago, the computer servers updated changes applied to the game at midnight where not all scheduled or even invented yet. As a system administrator I know this as fact. We can not log out at this time. Everything has become more real I think some safety’s that were in place have been removed. I could take apart the oil lamp in my room that was never a planned. We could throw them and brake them but never take it apart. Death is a more real now as you could tell in are last fight with the Gnolls body’s dissolved braking down at a fast rate but still showing the bone and organ structure then turn to liquid and soaked in to the ground leaving treasure behind. This is different from the monster just disappearing in the past.” He paused then took a drink.

“Next the AI is far more advanced than I thought. They now have memories I tested that myself. they act like real people. Not just programed and I have to assume monsters are the same way” he says looking at Vader then Archer. “We could feel blood feel pain smell flowers to a real point. That was never in the planning stages they were still developing this stuff last thing I heard. We now have the introduction of gods another AI thing. They seem to not know either what has happened they just came to life I think just like Vader. Who or what they are I don’t know yet time could tell us.” He picked up some cheese and took a bite Chewing it slowly.

Glenn looked back at the table in the back at the guy for reactions. Then looked over the team. He went on saying. “now we are on are way to a tower to see if we can access a control panel. I have a feeling that it won’t be there. We were testing something new with bulletin boards. I was to try it out when the reboot happed everyone that had property should have gotten a scroll, they were to post the scroll on the boards then it would fade, and the property would show as theirs with the name plate or sign with their name. if you need something for your property you simply just post on the board and NPC or player could fill that request. And you put things by hand in to positions. You could hire NPCs like house servants, troops, get furniture though this prosses. I saw a bulletin board out side on the way in showing missions or quest for this area Posted by NPCs.” He reached for some bread tore a piece off and put it in his mouth and chewed then swallowed.

He looked at Cyndel then asked “so you owned the tower you should have a scroll in your inventory with a gold seal. Now you still own it but to activate it you must post it on the bulletin board some where out side the tower. That being said, you can post that scroll on any property of the same or less value of the tower and land it is on. So, I was told by the designers but, this was to be released two years from now after testing. So now everything is done with scrolls and venders.” He takes a drink of wine. “Last I am not a dictator command style I am a participative command style all you are input is important to me. do any of you have some thing to add.” He asks also looking at the player at the far table.

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