Wine, cheese, and a side of three.

As dinner progressed, Artimis sat and watched everything going on around him. He had positioned himself where he could see the kitchen doors and the main hall door. He nodded when he was assigned his role and listened to the expectations. As he had learned with previous characters, people with big swords and magic needed to be listened too. Plus, the fight with the gnolls showed him that he needed their protection most of the time.

When Glenn said that the Archer would be his cover, he wasn't so sure. He was completely sure that she was evil. Vader's effect on the young lady on the porch was proof. She had fainted, the archer had not. Ergo she must be evil. Stealing his horse that he had spent a weeks preparing for was also proof. Then when Glenn said that she could choose her own name and was not property, he would have almost choked if he had taken a drink. She answered Glenn, with the name Rebecca while giving him a look. She ate and tried to make small talk with those around her.

During the meal, Artimis drank very lightly. He made it look like he drank his cup, but nursed it. He wanted to keep his wits about him.

As the serving girl came out, Artimis almost missed the fact she had nice gold earrings on. There was a lot of nice with the young ladies and the physic modeling was very well done. As he planned his evening he figured that the inquisitor could spring for a good bottle of wine for the night. Since, Glenn had tasked him with information gathering and in the name of information gathering, he would gather what information he could. It was probably not the information that Glenn wanted but it was information his teenage hormones wanted investigated. But the young ladies might know something important and he needed to do his due diligence and check things out.

After dinner was over and things were winding down, Artimis asked for a good bottle of wine, a bit of cheese, and bread for later. His room was in the back at the end of the hall on the first floor. Rebecca had the room next to his. It had a four post bed, artwork, and some nice furniture. Artimis' room in contrast was smaller and sparse. There was a bed with a small table and a wash bowl and stand. A single candle sat on the table. The bed was full of feather down, he figured. The comforter was thick. Perfect! he thought. He made himself comfortable, stripping down to just the bare essentials for the task at hand. No cloak or armor. Just an arm knife, his lock picks, his clothes, and his lock pick set.

When the house finally quieted down. He went borrow better candles and a small table. These were easily found in the hall and light enough to move quietly. Next came the harder task, figuring out his target and what room. The family rooms were on the second floor over the kitchen and he used the servant's passages to move about so his party that didn't sleep would not notice him. It was easy enough to find the young woman's room as he could still hear them whispering about them. When the conversation came to exploits and conquests of the Dark-elf, Artimis decide that it was the perfect time to pick the lock on the door. As he prepped his lock pick set he realized that there was a magical enchantment around the door. It glowed slightly and he almost set it off. sneaking down the stairs, he found the same thing around the front and back doors. The Inn keeper was a very non trusting man. Artimis returned to his room, opened the window and wiggled out. The climb to the second floor was easy enough up a tree near the back of the house, on to the small roof covered a porch the store rooms, around to the other side near the small garden then through the window.

As he approached the window, he noticed that it was slightly open. He listened to the girl talk, when his name got mentioned he moved to the window and tapped gently to get their attention. There was some quiet excitement in the room and Artimis enjoyed the show as the girls attempted to be modest. As he tried to open the window, he found that it was stuck. With a little smooth talking, a silver necklace in hand and a little coaxing, one of the girls came to open help him. A second came to push on the pane, then the third also. Artimis started thinking that this would be a very exciting evening after all. The second that the window swung out, his thoughts changed. The moment of inertia was high enough that he found himself in a very dynamic situation. Tipping, slipping, and falling right off the roof and into something like a rain barrow, just bigger. I was designed to capture the rain water from the roof for use in the garden. The back of his head struck something as he then plunged into the water a good three feet from the top. There wasn't even much of a splash, he thought as he blacked out.

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