A hint of anger ...

He looked at Cyndel then asked “So you owned the tower you should have a scroll in your inventory with a gold seal. Now you still own it but to activate it you must post it on the bulletin board some where out side the tower.

" You seem to forget that I worked in player and server support before all this shit happened. My whole department was prepped to address both the changes and possible ingame bugs weeks before the official rollout. We even had access to the virtual space ahead of the official rollout to see how the new play system handled as well as to ensure our characters could make the transition in case we needed to do live troubleshooting in game."

She motioned with her hand the dark Grimore she had shown them a few days before appearing in the air opening as it scrolled through the first few pages.

" Version approved with administrator privileges... " Her finger touching the glowing text on the page. " I wouldn't waste my time our yours if I didn't think there wasn't some hope this whole little misadventures of ours wouldn't produce some results."

For a moment she seemed pissed beyond all reason her dark stained lips ready to let loose something vile and hateful when her expression went blank for a moment and the anger faded from her expression.

" Sorry, I'm not certain where all that came from… " She offered before rising from her seat. " I think … I'm done being social for the evening. I'm going to go give Shiva a bath and then retire for the evening."

Turning on her heel she started down the corridor leading to the baths her large cat following after a moment later.


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