Artimis woke, not in his body, but in his meat body. The room was dark he could barely make out the walls. The click, click, click of high healed shoes was heard on the stone floor. Echoing in from what seemed to be eternity. He could see that the walls and columns were white marble and gold leaf rode the headers. What he was laying on was cold, bone chilling cold. It made the rest of his body ache like his head.

“Here he is Mother,” a very seductive yet familiar voice said as she finally walked into the candle light. She ran a gentle hand ran across his chest and head sending chills through him.

Bethesda the Mother goddess appeared out of the darkness into the light, radiance shown around her so bright that Artimis’ eyes hurt. Her touch drew pain also but, it was a pain that radiated like fire through his body. “Almost killed by three peasant girls, I see,” she said pausing, “Not much of a thief. What do you me to do to him?” Bethesda asked.

Shar smiled and said, “Like many, Mother, he’s living a lie on both sides of his life. We need him to playing into his natural strengths.” She paused, “You’ve always said that the game works best when we make them better.”

Bethesda pushed hard on his chest pulling up a menu that glowed, “At his age, we cannot completely fix some of his problems. But we should take away that female form from him. If we do not...” she let that trail off while shaking her head with a disgusted look.

He squirmed as they probed his memories and talked about his “real life.” As they did this, they adjusting things on the menu. This went on for what seemed to be hours. Bits and pieces of himself and his life were pulled apart and reconnected.

The real, soul ripping pain came when Bethesda put a hand into his chest and the other in his head and tore the female form that he used to hide.

Shar leaned in and put a hand on him then kissed him. Images flew through his brain at speeds faster than he could register. Bethesda said with some disappointment, “Did you need to do that, that way?”

Shar just smiled, “He likes to build things and solve problems.” Bethesda adjusted a couple more things. Then Shar took her turn and placed her hands on him again.
She laughed and said, “His second changing form is going to be a Ferret. Because of what the Inquisitor wants him to do, his third form is going to be a domestic feline. Now he can spy for the Inquisitor and get into places would be harder to penetrate.”

Artimis lay panting. The Mother Goddess leaned over him and tied a small silver bell on a cord around his neck. As she did this she said, “This is my gift to you. This item allows you to learn a handful of cantrips – candle light is the one that is there. But these draw more energy out of you than a magic user.”
Shar slipped a book into his inventory, “Light reading for you.”

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