At the dinner table, Rebecca watched the dynamics. She played with her knife carving it into the edge of the table gently. Not enough to be a jerk, just enough to show how bored she was about the situation. She was already assigned to watch over “Dimble Butt” by someone with more authority. She could play along because it annoyed Artimis. She watched him watching the serving girls, as they were watching the Inquisitor. The Inn keeper noticed too.

Vader’s reaction was a bit over the top, as a MOB he was programmed to follow some specific rules and still did. He just thought he was completely free. But none of them were. Each played within specific parameters. But his reaction was the rule, she thought.

Before retiring for the evening, she coppered the windows in the hall so that Artimis would find them stuck. She figured he have to find a different path. When she went into her room, she found it had a steaming hot bubble bath. She soaked in the tub looking at a book she found in the room, She did this till her muscles were like rubber and her skin wrinkled. She dried off. She then washed her clothes and hung them to dry in front of the fire in the fireplace. The steam came off the damp clothing as she lay in bed wishing she had a comb for her hair. She read till she fell asleep. In the middle of the night she woke to darkness apart from a couple embers glowing in the fireplace. She turned the clothes after throwing more wood on the fire and blowing on it till it caught. She hopped back into the big bed to escape the cold. She would stay there till the maids woke her.

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