Waking up is hard to do....

The last thing Artimis remembered clearly was ex-girlfriend kissing him. In a very erotic way. He reached his arms up to pull Glenn down into a kiss, thinking it was his ex-girlfriend. The light from the sword flowed through the image of his girlfriend. The pressure on his chest was wrong as well. He squinted through his eyelids hoping to see what most 18yr old boys long to see. Instead, he saw the Inquisitor’s face. He rolled his body with the required statement of “What are you doing? You sick bastard.” Around them came the sound of Shar laughing lightly.

His blood stained where he fell, making it clear that Glenn had probably saved him from drowning. “Heard a noise,” he said mumbling as he tried to stand. He omitted part, that he made. “And came to investigate,” he continued. It was a completely true if not completely accurate statement. He ended up sitting as his head still spun.
”Thank you,” he said. He didn’t look up at the girls now hanging out the window now completely enamored with the Inquisitor, their protector and hero. He let Glenn return to bed and sat on the porch for a while.


As the mistress returned from the barn, she found Artimis sitting on the porch still gathering his wits. “Go inside, I will send someone to clean you up and make sure you are okay,” she said as a command not a request. Artimis did as he was told. He nodding to his party member that did not need sleep and headed for his room. The darkness was nice. In a little while, a candle light shown under the door.

As the door opened, the inn keeper’s youngest daughter entered, she had long dark hair and wore fur lined slippers. She carried a bucket of hot water and wore a healers bag. Artimis was learning there is a big difference between having all your hit points back and feeling like you have all your hit points back. She wore one of Shar’s pendants which glowed. In artimis’ eye she looked like she was eight, she was 14. She coaxed him to bed pointing and pushing him. She washed his head wound and upper body getting rid of the blood.

When she was done, she used her hands she made a sign that he thought meant raccoon and pointed at his head.

“That is what happens when you hit your head hard,” he said wanting to be a little snarky, but biting it back as she was being gentle. She signed, “You are funny.” And Artimis sighed and laid back. She signed sleep then put a cool ointment on his face and necks. Artimis started to sign thanks and she slapped his hands to say shut up then signed sleep again.

When he woke he found her laying on his bed with her head on his chest on top of the blanket covered in the quilt. Her head was resting on his chest and she had fAllen asleep listening to his heart beat. It was kind of comforting, in a little sister kind of way. He stroked her hair gently while he lay there thinking. She woke when one of her sisters came calling for her to help by setting the table for the guests. Breakfast was ready. She was loud enough to wake everyone else up as well. Two tasks done with one yell.

At breakfast he sat at the table with the others. She was across the room at a different table. He continued his conversation with her never speaking aloud, he learned her name was Abby. She made fun of her sister’s fawning over Glen, his falling off the roof when he could have just invited one of them to his room, and his raccoon eyes. That was the name she gave him, “Raccoon Eyes.” He made fun of Vader making the girl “dropping dead.” He made a Circle V near his mouth pointed down and then put both hands out one palm up, the other palm down, then rotated his hands the same direction. Then he started on Rebecca. Glenn’s hand slamming on the table brought the two of them back to the moment. It was the universal sign of shut-up. Abby snorted as Artimis jumped about four inches out of his chair.

After the meal, she points at the party members that did not sleep. “Would they like their stuff cleaned?” He asked them and said that Abby would be happy to take care of it. He started to ask in ASL then closed his eyes and used his mouth. He watched intently and asked her to show him how she cast the spell. He mimicked her, and the cantrip was locked into the charm on his neck. Now he had a candle light cantrip and a cleaning cantrip. As the charm rung, his hair color changed from black to brown.

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