Rebecca came to the table trying to braid her hair in something more than a single strand braid. She yawned at the group and plopped down in the chair. The book still in her hands that she started reading the night before. She noticed Artimis’ black eyes and the animated conversation he was having with a child using his hands and body while Glenn was trying to arrange things. She worried that Glenn was going to blame her for whatever happened. He can’t watch him all the time and she sure as hell was not going to sleep in a room with him. Eww.

To make matters worse, she noticed that Artimis was not paying attention to her or the serving girls who were still peeking out of the doors and around corners at the Inquisitor. Hell, he did not even acknowledge her when she walked into the room and sat down. The rest of the group was more interested in Glenn’s ramblings too.

As Glenn tried to impose order, she stood up reached down the table picking up the thing she wanted, placing them on her plate then sat down again. When the sweetbread rolls with honey were brought and placed by her she took two and did not pass them. She was probably going to eat a third one.

As she listened, she opened the book and continued reading. When Glenn and Vader started their exchange and Artimis almost jumped out of his chair. She snickered, just once.

When Vader left and the mistress met him, she noticed the body language the Mistress gave off for him him. She gave a little smile. It was a mystery and cannon fodder to use on him. No man can withstand the force of a questioning teenage girl who wants to know the dirt.

As the discussion continued Rebecca started to worry about the shot that the Archer whose spot she took made. What she wondered about was the timing, too long so a fuse and it would explode after impact and too early and the shot would be wasted. That Mob had spent all of its lives practicing that set of shots. The programmers had tweaked it so the shot and explosion would be near lethal to most players and creatures. It made her have a funny feeling in her guts. Worried that they would see her as inadequate. She had already proven herself more adequate than Artimis. He had proven himself only to get in trouble or get hurt. Still the fool was brave enough to take a chance and risk things.

She watched the rest of the interactions showing little interest but taking it all in.

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