The Black Book ...

The remainder of the evening proved surprisingly uneventful allowing Cyndel time enough to give Shiva a good scrubbing and put her own thoughts in order before turning her attention's to relaxing in one of the bathhouses three large pools of heated spring water as she let the music player imbedded in her character menu play a random selection from her playlist.

It was as the music played softly in the background that she summoned forth the small black tome that she had recovered from the adventurers tomb earlier in the day. Thumbing absent- mindedly through the first few pages of the text.

Cyndel frowned after a moment or too of scanning through the pages finding the text as a whole unremarkable at best. Boring enough in places to nearly compel her to put the book aside and forget it entirely.

It was only as she was about to be done with it and dropped it without thought on to the bathhouse's wet floor that she realized the small book was bound by powerful magic's. Those powerful magics pushing the water on the floor away from the text rather than allow it to be damaged.

" Shit … " Cyndel cursed softly realizing at once she'd been fooled by a glamour placed upon the text. " Ostende mihi faciem tuam arcana. " She commanded.

The text glowed brightly revealing a dozen spells woven into the things creation. The most powerful of which being a subtle but potent compulsion spell patterned with an illusion that made the text distracting and all but unreadable. The compulsion boring the reader until they gave up attempting to read the text.

Cyndel sighed in annoyance. She hand burned through a majority of her reserve spells this afternoon working on restoring Invicta's armored shell and beyond that all she had left was a few reserve combat and defensive spells. Nothing that would help her figure out what secrets the book held.

" Well shit …" Was all she could think to say.


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