From bad to worse ...

Cyndel awoke in a less than pleasant mood given all the noise from the night before. " Thief my ass … " Cyndel cursed softly recalling all the noise Artimis had made the night before as she washed her face and hands before summoning an unseen to arrange her hair.

A soft rapping was heard on the door to her room. The unseen opening the door before Old Fletcher could knock again.

" Enter … " Cyndel spoken relaxing in her seat as the Innkeeper's wife entered the room her thin white hands holding tightly to the shawl around her shoulders.

" Mistress Blackfar." She said in a nervous voice her eyes glancing this way and that.

" Mrs Fletcher." Cyndel mused softly. " How very Unexpected."

The Innkeepers young wife frowned deeply. " Let us assume for a moment that neither of us are the fools we pretend to be shall we. I have need of a spell and you have need of information I have. My I suggest a trade."

Cyndel shrugged. " I don't normally make deals with strangers but given the circumstances of late. What do you need ? "

" I require a copy of the Alibi spell from the Iron throne campaign expansion." The Innkeeper's wife announced.

"Your a player character ! " Cyndel announced in surprise.

The Innkeeper's wife smiled. " Surprised? "

Cyndel nodded having to admit that she was. " Honestly, Yes…. Why? … How? "

" Originally, I came here In the hopes of breaking into your tower and making off with whatever I could carry." She admitted.

Cyndel smirked." And how did that work out for you ?"

The Innkeepers wife shrugged. " Never even got close enough to the tower to even test its defenses. The whole valley went from virtual desert to overgrown swamp overnight about a week ago. The night of the … "

" Update." Cyndel finished for her frowning her annoyance." I was thinking it would just be absorbed into the Haunted Mines setting."

The Innkeeper's wife shook her head sadly. " Unfortunately not The Tower, The Haunted Mines, a majority of the other local encounters were all absorbed into the Tomb of the Lizard Kings setting."

" No, Not the Tomb of the fucking Lizard Kings." Cyndel groaned.


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