As Vader closed up his inventory, he became aware of Archer staring at him, again.

"Yes?" he said with a raised eyebrow.

"You have gotten sloppy or something happened and you are losing your touch!" she verbally berated him.

The thought of this low level NPC talking up to him as though she were his equal was amusing, albeit slightly. So he allowed her to continue.

"Now you'll have to deal with them again when they come back, with friends and better equipment," she said.

"By Corruptus, I hope they do," he replied.

It seemed she had no retort prepared. So instead, she began musing about with the horses.

"This one needs some healing ointment on its hind flank and the frog has a stone caught in the mud in it. It needs to be picked or she will go lame on you," she said.

"Why do you think I'm trying them up, here? Sooner or later, your master will wander by and feel the need to take care of them for me," he said.

"So anything you want to talk about?" she asked, once again changing the subject.

"Not particularly," he said, quickly loosing interest in the dull conversation.

"You know, about you and the old woman?" she asked.

Though the girl he'd bedded last night was hardly an old woman, he immediately knew who Archer was referring to. What in the nine hells was that look she was giving him? Oh Corruptus, she was jealous and was coming onto him, too!

"I'm not interested," he immediately said, backing away.

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