Secrets Bind

Rebecca started laughing hard at his insinuation that she wanted him. "You wish space boy!" she said. She just wanted in on the secret. That is what teenage girls do.

Then the light went on and she made the connection and started laughing harder..
"You did her didn't you?" she asked then declared, "a married woman."
She paused catching her breath as she laughed.

Then she continued, "She gave you funny 'girl' look when you greeted her earlier."
She took a breath again, "I thought you might have known her before or were working on something to do to Artimis because of her daughters. I would have helped you with that. I like a good prank at Artimis' expense."
She pulled herself together again then started laughing all over.
"Good for you and good to know that old people can still do that once in a while," she said.
She snickered a little more.

"Here, let me show you how to pick the frogs," reached down and got the hind hoof in the air, took a dull knife and pealed the mud and stone out from the inside of the hoof.
"My 'master' doesn't know how to do this either. You try the other side." she said trying to encourage him.

This act gave Rebecca a little sense of pride in teaching him something. Vader knew what it was like being a Mob and now being something more. To now have feeling and thoughts that were not part of their rule sets. The others did not get that. She was glad he could find pleasure with another.

She looked at him, "Vader, you watch out for me and I'll watch out for you."

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