Tomb of the Lizard Kings

>>> Cyndel would have waited until later in the day to bring this up so somewhere around midday to late evening. <<<

" Okay, So I kinda have some bad news guys." Cyndel announced after the group had gathered in the Inn's main room. The companions not nearly as high strung nor as tempermental as they had been earlier that morning following the events from the night before.

" So, word has come to me to that the Tower and the lands surrounding it has been absorbed into the The Tomb of the Lizard Kings setting." She began with a deep frown. " And for those of you who don't know, Tomb of the Lizard Kings is one of the games big 10 Story Quests set outside of the Deep and Dark itself."

She sighed settling into a seat and shrugged her shoulders.

" Before the update the Tomb of the Lizard Kings Story Quest was a monster some 28 to 38 chapters long that required a full party of 6 characters with a minimum level requirement of 40 each."

She shrugged. " At my current level I only just make that requirement but feedback from friends who have run the quest before tell me that Tomb of the Lizard Kings was a party killer as well as a massive drain on resources and nearly impossible to survive with characters below 50th Level."

" With as bad as things have gotten everywhere else sense the update. I can't imagine that things would be any easier within the Story setting, and I'm gonna be honest … I doubt we would do that well in a full on encounter or even facing off against any of the bosses."

"Before everything, before all of this I would have laid good odds that Glenn, Vader, and Invicta could hold their own easy. Hell Vader would have had ball in a dedicated combat encounter."

" Even Kara and myself would be hard pressed but we could pull off a win or two. Artimis and Rebecca could even have pulled off something last minute, but that was all before ..."

Cyndel could only shrug her shoulders.

" In a full on encounter however, I just can't say I see us doing so well."


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