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"You wish, space boy!" Archer laughed, though Vader found it all more than a little forced.

"No. I don't," he replied flatly, seeking to drop the subject.

"You did her didn't you?" she stated more than asked. "A married woman. She gave a you funny 'girl' look when you greeted her earlier. I thought you might have known her before or were working on something to do to Artimis because of her daughters. I would have helped you with that. I like a good prank at Artimis' expense."

Annoyingly, the girl continued to laugh.

"Good for you and good to know that old people can still do that once in a while," she said, snickering

"You are beginning to bore me. I've killed for lesser offenses," Vader said, flexing his gauntlet such that each articulated joint made a slight and unnerving clinking sound.

"Here, let me show you how to pick the frogs," she said, quickly snatching the horse's leg and musing about with its hoof with a knife.

He made no move to join her.

"My 'master' doesn't know how to do this either. You try the other side." she said in what Vader supposed to be an encouraging tone. Then she looked at him, "Vader, you watch out for me and I'll watch out for you."

"I think not. A Dread Knight has allowed you to live this day. I would praise Corruptus for endowing me with such restraint," he said and left.


Later that night:

"In a full on encounter however, I just can't say I see us doing so well," Cyndel was saying.

Vader stood up; an act which did not immediately draw the attention of anyone in the room. Likely they all assumed he was board and leaving ...until he spoke.

"Though the elf used far too many words to say so, she is correct. This group is capable, but far too weak to make it through such an area without sustaining casualties. We will need to level up and re-equip. Search your feelings; you know it to be true!" he said gravely.

Looking around, they seemed suddenly so defeated. The group had come so far, only to be found wanting.

"But I do have the means to this end. Corruptus has tasked me with a side quest of great importance to him. Completing it will no doubt yield the necessary loot and XP, as well as garnering the favor of the Lord of Corruption. If everyone wishes to survive to assail the tower, we do this," he explained.

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