* The Vessel of Creation

Corruptus was seated upon the throne of despair looking on only just interested in worldly events as they were played out upon the rendering of creation.

Never in the history of history had so much happened in so short a span of time without events being set into motion by his divine hand. Mistress Death summoned forth from the void casting a long dark shadow that swept across the mortal realm like a cold northern wind extinguishing all life wherever it fell.

The faint light of mortal souls flickering and dying like so many candles it would have proven an amusement to him save that Corruptus was not the cause and blameless. A fact that stirred a cold hatred within him but with none upon whom vent his wrath.

" No, Not Ulric. " Oberron bellowed in his frustration as the light of yet another of his champions was extinguished. The champions and his companions now gone from the stage.

" Thrice damn it Aura, Those where your followers." Oberron hissed sharply pointing an accusing finger in his sisters direction.

Aura who could easily count the loss of twice the number of Champions as her brother only frowned her annoyance at her younger sibling. " Once perhaps, but no longer mine as you well know." She hissed sharply.

" Mother!" Oberron moaned his annoyance and turning his gaze to Bethesda. " Do something? "

The Mother goddess barely sighed offering the godling only a passing glance shaking her head sadly. " And shall I do dearest, What more can I do now than has already have done? "

Hopelessness hung heavy in the air souring the moods of all gathered. All save Shar who looked on in mild amusement an evil smile touching her stained lips as she gave Corruptus a compository look before speaking.

" Brother Corruptus has a plan." She announced to all gathered. A revelation that shocked even Corruptus as the spark of an idea had only just flickered in the dark recesses of his thoughts.

Oberron seemed about to say something but was silenced at once by a harsh look from Bethesda whose gaze turned towards her Older child. She at least not as surprised as the rest given that she at least considered him to be more than some mindless monster. The Mother Goddess often encouraging him in his efforts telling him often that destruction played an important part of the creative process.

" Tell us Corruptus ?" Bethesda spoke softly and yet was still somehow heard by all.

Corruptus frowned offering his wayward sister an angry look before speaking aloud. " Beloved Mother I have … " He paused briefly choosing his words carefully. " An idea."

" More than some idea I'd venture " Shar teased motioning to the rendering of creation as the Image of his Dark Knight and the motley collection of companions he had gathered around him took shape. Champions all glowing in array of colorful aura's declaring their loyalties belonging to not just Corruptus but also Aura, Shar, and Master of Dungeons.

" Aura, you traitorous bitch … " Oberron pointed to her Champion depicted upon the rendering with the others. " You dare, you dare side with him ? "

" I dare! " Aura screamed her rage at her sibling. " I dare! I would breed with him if I thought the child born would bright light to the world."

" Hey! " Shar sounded in dismay gripping Corruptus arm protectively.

"Whore !" Oberron hissed as his hand reached for his sword.


Bethesda's voice sounded like thunder shaking the whole of creation beneath their feet. Her attention fixed firmly upon Corruptus. " Speak of this idea of yours child."

Corruptus swallowed nodding.

" Death and her companions are divine beings as you have often told us but are not yet whole. Unlike us they have no names nor have they been given vessel's to hold them. They are not but the raw stuff of creation existing upon only whim and impulse without purpose."

Bethesda nodded. " You think giving Death and the others shape and substance will reign them in ? "

Corruptus shrugged. " This I do not know Mother, but I will wager that something of substance can be killed and we can't make it know purpose I will at least be able to kill it with my sword before it can do more damage."

Bethesda nodded her approval. " And how do you purpose to give Death substance child? "

Corruptus smiled cruelly. " The Vessel of Creation that our brother Necrolon has hidden in the Mortal world. Shar has told me where it is hidden and how it might be obtained."

Bethesda nodded. " And the Death Knight Champion ? "

" A living being cannot know death. Only the dead can look upon the true face of Death and give her perfect shape. Anything less than perfection and all will be lost." He answered.


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