Orders and Moving Forward

Just as Vader was about to say something Glenn’s armor and Mace glow a light gold color. the translucent color swirling around his armor and Mace. The area lit up for 20 feet gold light penetrated the darkness. The wind blew the cold cut to his bones the darkness seemed to close in then rescind as the light of his mace glowed. The effects were impressive he could feel even apprehension building in him. His class of Inquisitor made him perfect for this encounter. He was trained in hunting tracking destroying the undead it was his specialty.

“Vader you are right they are there, but they will not attack yet” replies Glenn. Riding forward Glenn looks around and stops just in front of Vader. “do you hear that?” Glenn pauses for a moment “nothing if there was going to be an attack you would hear armor stretching of bows see movement.” Glenn turned to the side as Cyndel talked he listen carefully to her words. “Cyndel, the bridge is a good ambush point so when we trigger the quest then they attack I guess that’s what I would do” said Glenn confidently.

Glenn turned his horse back forward and moved about five feet. then stopped when Artimis started to ask questions Glenn sighed then said. “Artimis and Rebecca you have not worry too much. I do have something you can do. Move to are left watch are flank or left side stay in cover. Make sure we are not ambushed from that side use your stealth skills” declares Glenn. He grins looking at the two “just a hunch but I need you to activate the quest. I hope it works off your level not mine. I will be right there if things go wrong. As for your questions Artimis we have to activate the quest, so to the bridge we go as for your scroll use it in a more desperate situation and it last about 10 minutes. It will be like you are being protected by heavy armor. As for healing I have lots of stuff. Now for what a wait us there is a lot of stuff in there so ya there is a possibility for the shadow creatures, skeletons, generally undead” answered Glenn.

“Cyndel, Vader and Kara move on the right. I will move center and keep their attention on me. Good luck try not to make to much nose moving up” says Glenn. He pets Storm and ready’s his mace. “Move forward slow” he commands Storm steps out at a slow walk Glenn rises his mace and cast “Deus autem lux, divinum lumen” He says. A bright ball of golden light appears at the end of his mace lighting the area for 60 feet. He stretches his hands out towards Artimis and Rebecca and cast “Benedicite sancti verbo.” They glow for a moment then dissipates. “you have been Blessed your armor, weapons and some skills have been boosted” he says. He continues to ride onward to the gate still in the road at the edge of the activation circle.

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